Looking for a Harris Teeter update

From a reader:

Jim, I tried adding the following comment to the discussion of Harris Teeter coming to town, but it said that the discussion was locked.  I wasn’t sure of another appropriate discussion to place my comments/question.  In any case, have you heard anymore about Harris Teeter or any other grocery store coming to Crozet?  More specifically, have you heard when they are going to start development of the Blue Ridge Shopping Center?  The sign posted for the shopping center says Rivanna Realty is the realtor.  I found this website, that says the center would be completed in 2005 :)  It now appears that Rivanna Realty has been acquired by this company, yet I see no mention of the shopping center.  Also, according to this article, which was written a year ago, they were looking at a mid-2007 completion.  Have you heard any updates?

I’m working on it.

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5 Replies to “Looking for a Harris Teeter update”

  1. If you search Harris Teeter Crozet on Google, one of the first hits is from Harris Teeter itself, and it states that it will be opening its first green store in Crozet in 2008.

  2. Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and provided a link to the March issue. The April issue is out, but they have’t linked it on their website.

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