More on Harris Teeter coming to Crozet

Are they coming? Maybe.

Following up on a tip from a reader, I found this page on Harris Teeter’s site, a page that surprised the Harris Teeter representative with whom I spoke. That they are planning to “go green” is exciting.

Responding to the query as to whether Harris Teeter would be coming to Crozet, Keith Rudemiller, one of Harris Teeter’s Vice Presidents of Real Estate Development, responded with cautious, non-definite statements that Harris Teeter has “a strong interest” in coming to the area, but without definite agreements signed and in place, he was hesitant to commit to the specifics noted on their website (and below). In short, it sounded as if there have been letters of intent signed, but no contractual obligations confirming that they will indeed be building a new store in Crozet.

In response to the question about why they are going to “go green,” Mr. Rudemiller stated that “there is an an evolution towards green” and that they intend to “be at the forefront of this by building more eco-friendly stores, and incorporate LEED standards.” Their determination to help lead this trend is commendable.

The Crozet Gazette has more in this April’s issue (PDF); there is also an artists’ rendering of the proposed design.

Harris Teeter’s corporate communications director Jennifer Panetta said later that a 42,000-square-foot  store is tentatively slated to open in  late 2008 in the new Blue Ridge Shopping Center adjacent to Blue Ridge Builder’s Supply. A spokesman for of  Great Eastern Management, which has been trying to develop the shopping center for 17 years, noted Harris Teeter’s steps toward design approval, but said no deal with them has yet been signed.

Time will tell.

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From Harris Teeter’s site:

Harris Teeter is committed to sustainable energy efficient designs and practices that are economically viable for our company as it pertains to development, construction and maintenance of our facilities.

We have embarked on the Energy Star building labeling program. This program allows us to benchmark and score our stores to industry standards. Our goal is to be recognized in the industry as best in class. We had 16 buildings labeled in 2006. We will continue our efforts in 2007.

Future Initiatives

    * We are currently planning to build our first Green certified store in Crozet, VA opening in 2008.
    * Purchase only energy star labeled equipment when available.
    * Require all equipment vendors and suppliers to provide information on their current recycling, waste disposal and green initiatives.
    * We will build our first secondary refrigerant system in store in Charlotte reducing our HFC refrigerant in our store by 50%

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