Redistricting nears in Crozet

From today’s DP.

One of the most telling lines of this story, detailing the impending moves of 90+ kids was the last line of this quote depicting Crozet’s nearing self-sufficiency:

“Our biggest concern is that we’re being separated from the community that we live in and are a part of,” said Kathy Rainey, whose two children at Crozet would be moved to Meriwether. “Where we live, we are part of the Crozet community. To send us to Meriwether Lewis is taking us out of where our teams, churches and volunteer work are. We don’t normally go into Charlottesville to recreate.” (bolding mine)

We’re getting close. Once the Old Trail Town Center (please don’t call it the Shoppes of Old Trail, or something equally contrived!) comes online, the sidewalks are built to facilitate walking and Downtown’s resurgence continues, why would anyone go to Charlottesville?

More information at Albemarle County’s site and Brian Wheeler’s SchoolMatters site.

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