A brief history of Crozet Park

Courtesy of Brian Campbell. Thanks to Brian for this very informative comment, I thought it deserved its own post.

“Crozet Park was donated to the community some 40 or so years ago. I can get the exact date. It was specifically set up for the Crozet Community. It was not given to Albemarle County. As such, it was set up to be governed by a board to decide on it’s uses and operation. These board members are revolving and are elected with a typical President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Also, since we don’t operate under Albemarle County Parks System, we have a deed. Somewhere along the way, we established a good working relationship with the county. We don’t have the resources to take care of things like baseball and soccer fields, and the county needed these recreational resources for it’s citizens in the Crozet area. So we have a working agreement with the county. They supply and take care of all of the fields for the recreational programs, and we have the decision rights over what we want to have at the Park. The Park did build the pool and is in charge of it’s operation. We receive no money from the county for operation of the pool or any other activities. They just take care of up-keep of the hefields and grounds. The Park building is also owned by the Park. The actual programs are run by private non-profit organizations such as Peach Tree. This also helps us as we don’t have the resources to organize these programs. The Crozet Park Board consists of volunteers from the community consisting or groups that might have an interest in what is offered at the Park. This includes groups like Peach Tree, The Fire Department, The Lions Club, and we also have at large members, those that aren’t attached to an organization, but have an interest in how Crozet Park is run.

We meet the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the Park’s issues, and we’re always looking for new members. We like to have members associated with organizations or busineses, but we will take interested ordinary citizens as well. If anyone is interested in being on the board, they are welcome to get in touch with me. I hope this clarifies the Park’s operation some.”

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