Help Clean up Crozet this Saturday

From the Crozet Community Association digest:*

We are going to do the Crozet Clean up this Saturday April 14th beginning at 9AM behind Fabulous Foods. This year Henley Middle School student council is going to help as well as volunteers from Western who will be painting more murals in the Great Valu parking lot.

We would love to have members of the community join us and help out and we want to remind folks to drive slowly this Saturday morning.

Crozet Clean-up Day – Saturday April 14, 2007

Please come out and join us and help us clean up litter around Crozet. Even if you can’t make it on the day of the event there are still ways that you can help.

1.  Register to be a volunteer on Saturday April 14, 2007. It’s easy to do just stop by Fabulous Foods and sign up.

2.  Help us identify streets or areas that have a trash problem so that we can make sure that our crews target those areas.  This can be anywhere around the Crozet area.  You can do this several ways: : leave a note at  Fabulous Foods, Email Heidi  or you can  call and leave a message at 823-7828.

3.    Help to get the word out to area students so that they can get involved and fulfill their community service hours. All students must sign up and pick up a parental permission form that they will need to bring back signed on Sat. 4/14

4.  Drive carefully and slowly this Saturday morning we will be on the streets !

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*ed note: for readability, I did not set off the text in quotes as I normally do. All of the above was copied 100% from the email from the CCA.

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  1. I wish I had known about this earlier–it’s just the kind of thing I and my family would like to take part in. Is there a way to find out about CCA activities like this? I thought I gave them my email and paid dues, but I am not getting any info. Anyone have any ideas?

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