Fabulous Foods in the news

Local natural (and local) food store Fabulous Foods is featured in today’s Daily Progress (they are on the Crozet Community Map):

Because local produce does not have to travel far, it can be picked at the height of its flavor and kept free of preservatives.

“It tastes better, it’s fresher,” said Jennifer Burgos, buyer at Fabulous Foods in Crozet, a 1,500-square-foot grocery store that offers local apples, lettuce, blueberries, blackberries, chestnuts, peaches, bok-choy, herbs and more. “Our motto is sustaining small farms, nourishing our families.”

Now, if only somebody will open up a wine store with tastings, breads, cheeses and a lounge … give me credit. 🙂 Seriously. A coffee/wine store/bakery …

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9 Replies to “Fabulous Foods in the news”

  1. I’ll enthusiastically second the wine store / bakery / gourmet / coffee shop.

    There’s brand new build-to-suit space on the first floor of the US Joiner building by the Great Value 😉 I know they treat their other tenant (PT+ Health) quite well.

  2. The Greenwood store on 250 has great wine, cheeses, freshly baked bread, and hot coffee. It’s not immediately in Crozet, but 3 miles out isn’t too shabby. No place to lounge, that’s true, but the food is fantastic.

  3. A co-worker recommended it to me my first week of work. I couldn’t decide which sandwich to get so I started at the top of the menu with a Devon… and it’s so good you had a hard time moving down through the list.

  4. I would love to see a recycling center in Crozet…who should I contact to add my two cents! I know many others who feel the same way!

  5. Ravi —

    Contact David Wyant, the Supervisor on the Baord of Supervisors for the White Hall District. A friend tells me that mailed letters are best, then phone calls, then emails. David Wyant’s contact info is
    David Wyant
    White Hall Supervisor
    P.O. Box 81, White Hall, Virginia 22987
    Office: 823-5818
    Email: [email protected] .

    Also, watch this blog for future news of events we’ll try to get some publicity/pressure/media attention to this cause. -Katrien

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