How to raise awareness of realcrozetva

I thought I would share this recent email exchange with a reader:

No story here, just wanted to say that the site you have put together is great, and Crozet really needs this intimate type of discussion – my suggestion would be how can we get more people to know about this site – seems as though a lot of my neighbors haven’t heard of it and I’d like to see more people comment on these stories – there are too many “no comments” on really pertinent issues.

Regarding awareness of the site – this is something that I am struggling with. Ideally, I would like to do a bit of advertising or even a mailing to the 22932 zip code, but frankly I don’t have the funds to do that. On the other side, I guess I could accept ads on the site, but I feel that that would detract from the perceived impartiality of the site.

Thats a tough call re: ads – providing funds vs. detracting from the feel of the site.  I suppose local ads probably wouldn’t be too distractive, but even things like a posterboard sign at the 4-way stop with the website name could be pretty effective for people to get in their heads…either way, I’m sure word of the site will spread.

So … here’s my challenge to those of you who do read this site – email it to a friend who might be interested … mention it at your HOA meetings … tell your friends about it. This site was started to provide a forum for Crozetians new and old. If you are a business owner, post your business (after emailing me for the login) to the Crozet Community Map.

And as always, if you have a story idea, please let me know. If you have a story or opinion to share, write it. If you go to a local meeting, share your thoughts. I’ll post most anything so long as it’s reasonably well-written and pertinent to Crozet.

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