Who wants a Crozet yearbook – from 1938?

Passed along by a loyal reader is this auction on eBay. The current bid is $9.99.

I recently came across this vintage yearbook in a local Va. estate. It measures approx. 9″ by 12″ and 1/2″ thick. It is titled: “The Wheel”, and was the yearbook for the year 1938 for Crozet High School in Crozet Va. All of the images inside are real photos glued in. All of the group student photos are present.

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3 Replies to “Who wants a Crozet yearbook – from 1938?”

  1. I would really value having it. I have been trying to get any old yearbooks of Crozet High School, or Old Crozet Elementary School, I am looking for any or all, but would love to have the old elemementary yearbooks from 1950’s-1960s. I went to Crozet Elem.I started first grade in 1961, and Mrs Sara Wyant was my beloved 1st grade teacher. I do not have even one picture of me in first grade, so I would really be thrilled with having them. I will pay for them. They where not very big, but would be a big thing for me and my memories. My childhood was in Crozet. Thank you, I would love to have your year book. I will take good care of it too.
    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Bond Barnes

  2. Elizabeth–it appears that the ebay auction ended 2/25/07. Final bid was $52. You can click on the link in the first posting to get other details on the auction. (info and photos are still posted as of 4/25/07). P. S. I’m not the seller or buyer.

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