Who’s going to take notes at the Crozet Community meeting this week?

This is a perfect opportunity for someone to write a story about the meeting.

From the CCA email:

This meeting has been extended one hour to allow time to hear the latest version of the downtown rezoning proposal;  to conduct Association business;  and to hear both candidates for the White Hall seat on the Board of Supervisors. There is another important meeting scheduled the following week on September 20 at WAHS  where the County will give an overview of all the projects and plans that concern Crozet. The high school presentation is co-sponsored by CCA, the Crozet Community Advisory Council, and the County of Albemarle.  We have combined the rezoning presentation with our regular meeting on the 13th in order to spare all of us yet a third meeting in September regarding Crozet issues.


Note:  Change in meeting times.  We begin 30 minutes earlier than usual.

6:30 – Pre-meeting–Room is open for inspection of new downtown Crozet re-zoning maps and descriptions & dialog with presenters. 

7:00 – Meeting opens with County consultant Ken Schwartz & others presenting revised re-zoning plans for downtown Crozet and fielding questions.

8:00 or so – Community Association business.  “Good Neighbor Award” to be presented to Meg West (in absentia) for her outstanding art in our community. Other business to follow.

8:30 or earlier – Fifteen minute presentations by David Wyant and Ann Mallek of their platforms as candidates for Albemarle Board of  Supervisors.  Order of speaking to be determined later.  First speaker will be allowed 5 minutes to respond to second speaker.  Q & A permitted from the audience as time allows.

9:30    Adjournment.

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