Crozet Music Festival – 20 October 2007

Floyd Fest. Merle Fest. Charlie Poole FestivalCrozet Music Festival?

We are peaceful, music loving people and we’re grateful to live in such a beautiful area with so many amazing musicians.

The Festival will be Family Friendly. We’re hoping for lots of kids and adults should be aware of that and behave accordingly.

No bad behavior will be tolerated, and if you have to ask what we mean by that, you probably should find something else to do that day.

That said, we want everybody to have a rip roaring good time. Live music excites us, fills us with joy, and makes us dance
and jump around, all of which is cool.

Write it down – 20 October 2007.

It’s a no-brainer. Simple as that. With the music and energy in the Charlottesville area, why not?

“There’s more good talent here than there should be for a town this small,” says Savage. “It’s great to play local music, because it stands shoulder to shoulder with everything else we play.”

The event is the result of at least five years of effort and now he has the backing of a veritable “who’s who” of local music.

Where did it all start? And from where is the new momentum coming? In the organizer’s words:

First, I met Terry Allard. She took to the idea immediately and has been extremely helpful with ideas, contacts, and positive energy to make it happen. If any of you are not familiar with her work, please check out, she regularly sells out local engagements around the Charlottesville area and beyond. She and her husband run Reckless Abandon Music from their house in Batesville.

Next was Musictoday coming to Crozet. I first met those guys years ago when they started operations on Preston Avenue in an old mechanic’s garage, then followed them to the old Dettor Edwards property in Ivy. I called over there a year and a half ago as it became evident that they were moving the whole operation to the old Conagra factory, and the operator put me in touch with Del Wood, who it turned out is the CEO of the whole business. Heidi Sonen and I went to meet with him, he loved the idea of a festival in Crozet, and has been incredibly generous with his time ever since to answer my questions and assist in any way I asked.

From a recent C-Ville:

On the topic of local fests, Feedback got word that the folks out in Crozet have their own in the works. Bill Rossberg, the event’s organizer, tells us that the first Crozet Music Festival, scheduled for October 20 at Crozet Park, will be an all-day affair filled with live music, food, drinks and more. They already have some big names on the bill (Terri Allard, American Dumpster, Alligator), and, with proceeds from the event benefiting the park, Feedback (who has a soft spot for such things in his western Albemarle County heart) can tell this will be a fantastic shindig.

Kudos to Crozet Park for allowing this. Now is the time for Crozet Park to flex its muscles, build its infrastructure and prepare for the forthcoming competition from Old Trail, their pool, their fitness facility and the like. Competition is a great thing, so long as it’s embraced by both contestants. Witness what is happening in Charlottesville’s radio scene for an example of how not to embrace a competitor.

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