Henley Middle School is run by militants?

Greatschools.net has some recent reviews of Crozet’s schools, some positive, some negative. Is Henley really run by militants? This seems like something that school officials should respond to. They are marketing a product – education – and this type of review potentially damages their credibility and marketability.

Also the new administration this year runs the school in a military fashion. We had a bullying issue with my honor roll student and the pricipal’s solution was to suspend the students if they made eye contact. We suggested mediation and he would not even entertain the idea.

Parents (and non-parents) – this site is used by potential homebuyers and sellers. For many people, school district is the number one choice they make – everything else is almost irrelevant. If these opinions are not fact-based, school officials would do well to respond. If they are truthful, homeowners and tax-payers would do well to get involved and fix things.

Contrast the above with this review of Henley –

This school is an amazing school. The teachers are really interactive and get you ahead of the other schools. That way, there is not as much stress in the next couple of years.

Is there recent data available that could verify the alleged suspensions?

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One Reply to “Henley Middle School is run by militants?”

  1. Speaking solely as a parent, I have found Henley to be quite good, and my interactions with the administration have been nothing but favorable. I have found that my child’s homework is very rarely checked by some of the teachers, though … but that’s one of the responsibilities of being a parent.

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