Gas Station Coming to 250 in Crozet

Huge Gas Station coming to Crozet

In response to John-N’s comment

What about the imminent approval of a mega gas/diesel fuel station in the Brownsville-Yancey Mills area and its potential impacts on the western Albemarle community on Free State Lane? Some reports say it would be the largest of its type in Albemarle County! Marketing to I-64, perhaps open 24/7. Dramatically increased frequency of turn-arounds at that point on Rt.250 by vehicles coming from and returning to the interstate. It promises to be a safety issue in that neighborhood and also for the nearby school traffic. IMMINENT approval possible due to grandfathered zoning. What about the right — apparently NOT grandfathered in Albemarle County — to quality-of-life on Free State Lane? What about school traffic safety? Lots of questions. VERY LITTLE time — literally days — to seek public input or compromises. —- This should be no less a concern than the POLITICAL (i.e. Crozet Master Plan) issues of the Yancey proposal.

Basically, this (bolding mine) –

Request for preliminary site plan approval to construct a 7,000 square foot, two (2) story commercial building with eight (8) gas pumps and associated parking 4.06 acres. The property is zoned HC (Highway Commercial) and is described as Tax Map 55B, Parcel 1. The site is located on the south side of Rockfish Gap Turnpike (SR250), approximately 0.78 miles west of its intersection with Miller School Road/Crozet Avenue (SR240). This site is located in the White Hall Magisterial District and is recommended for Rural Area uses in Rural Area 3 by the Comprehensive Plan.

Is possible due to by-right, existing zoning. This is a story in progress; I had heard about this project but hadn’t had the time to research/write about it. I’m going to try to update this as the day progresses, but I understand that there is a meeting on Monday at Albemarle County about this. If anyone out there wants to make some phone calls/emails and update via the comments, please do so.

By the way, if you haven’t used Albemarle County’s online GIS program, you’re missing out on one of the best things local government has ever done.

Update 14 November: I heard back from Albemarle County today – for readability’s sake I’m not quoting out the following email I received from Bill Fritz, Chief of Current Development at Albemarle County. I am greatly appreciate for their remarkable response. Bolding, however, is mine.

The next deadline for the Re-Store’n Station site plan is Monday November 17. If the applicant wants to stay on the published review schedule Monday is the deadline for the applicant to submit a revised site plan addressing the comments of the Site Review Committee. If a revised plan is not submitted, review of the project will be suspended until such time as revisions are submitted. Monday is also the deadline for the site plan to be appealed to the Planning Commission for review. An appeal may be filed only by: the owner, an abutting property owner, member of the Planning Commission, member of the Board of Supervisors, the zoning administrator, the county executive, or the agent. An appeal must be in writing and state the reasons for review.

If revisions are made and the application is appealed this item will be scheduled for Planning Commission review on Tuesday December 9. If the item is not appealed staff will administratively take action to either approve or deny the plan by Thursday December 11. This project is a ministerial project meaning that if the plan does not meet the requirements of the ordinance it will be denied and if the plan does meet the requirements of the ordinance it will be approved. .

The site plan review process is a two step process. What is currently under review is the preliminary site plan. If the preliminary plan is approved it will be subject to conditions that must be met prior to the final site plan being approved. No development may occur until the final site plan is approved. Typical conditions include such things as: Architectural Review Board approval, approval of an erosion and sediment control plan, approval of entrance details by VDOT, approval of water plans, approval by Health Department, approval of landscape and lighting plan. Other conditions are possible and this list is only intended to give an example of the types of conditions commonly applied to preliminary approvals.

I hope that this information is helpful. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact either myself or Summer Frederick who is the planner coordinating the review of this application.

William D. Fritz, AICP
Chief of Current Development
434-296-5832 ext. 3242

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