What is your Vision for Crozet?

Start thinking about it, because the time to voice your opinion is around the corner.

From the Daily Progress:

Crozet residents will soon have a chance to weigh in on their concerns over growth in western Albemarle County.
One topic sure to emerge: the Crozet Master Plan’s estimate on the growth area’s long-term maximum population capacity.

Although the board has approved major zoning to benefit the downtown area, officials said the economy has kept more new businesses from coming in. They hope the zoning and the other projects will boost the downtown area.

Other areas in Crozet — including the Old Trail development and a segment of U.S. 250 where a new Harris Teeter grocery store is poised to open and other businesses already are in place — have seen a burst of retail activity. Some see that growth as a complement to downtown Crozet, while others fear it will siphon business from the village’s center.

Mallek said she hopes the revision process will help “take away a cloud that hangs over” the Master Plan. She said the questionnaire is just one of the first steps in deciding what changes need to be made.

“I think we’re going to get wonderful responses [from the questionnaire],” Mallek said. “The people in Crozet are very involved in how their community is going to be. We expect that to continue as we go through this process.”

In the next six weeks, residents will be able to fill out the questionnaire online or on paper. They can pick up questionnaires, which will have 30 to 40 questions, at the Crozet Library or at a town hall meeting county officials plan to host next month.

My vision is a work in progress –

1 – Downtown Crozet is the hub of Crozet.
2 – Old Trail gets built out and becomes a vibrant part of the Crozet Community (this is a two-way street that requires effort and acceptance of Old Trail for Crozet and Crozet for Old Trail).
3 – We become a bike able and walkable community.

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11 Replies to “What is your Vision for Crozet?”

  1. I also hope that Crozet becomes a bike-able and walkable community.

    With a few more sidewalks, Downtown residents could walk to the shops at Old Trail, and Old Trail residents could walk to Downtown! The farmer’s market is not very far from OT, Greyrock, etc.– it’s just too bad Jarmans Gap isn’t pedestrian friendly. I walk from Downtown to OT now by cutting through Haden Lane, which limits the time I have to be on a sidewalk-less stretch of Jarmans Gap. But it’s not exactly stroller friendly.

  2. I would like to see some baseball fields open up for the youth in the community. Peachtree Baseball as well as other sports are all growing and need field space for the kids in the community to practice and play games.

  3. I would like to see a more extensive, well designed trail system; for example, the trails near Western Ridge could be extended to reach Claudius Crozet Park and thus provide access to the new library and downtown without having to drive. Another thing that would make Crozet more walkable and bikeable would be interconnected neighborhoods; however, that is not likely to happen unless a connector road is built between 250 and 240 first. Neighborhood associations will oppose connections to other neighborhoods because of a (justified) fear of increased traffic cutting through their neighborhoods.

  4. I wish they would stop building houses. There is so much on the market, and it makes no sense to ruin beautiful countryside to put in a hundred houses without a huge demand for them. I grew up in Crozet and I wish people would prefer to keep some of the old town. I don’t want a new, modern town with thousands of people I don’t recognize. The development needs to go elsewhere, Crozet is perfect as is.

  5. Samantha –

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    I agree that there is a lot on the market, but Crozet has been designated as a growth area.

    Not being snarky at all, but where should the growth go?

  6. I don’t have a solution for it, it just seems odd that they keep building houses without any people for them.

    I’m moving back this summer. As long as Mint Springs isn’t touched, I’ll be happy! 🙂

    Also, why the growth? What businesses are in demand for all these new people?

  7. The growth has slowed down because of the current market, but they are intending to grow because Crozet has been designated by the County of Albemarle as a “growth area.”

    Mint Springs has been touched … it’s better!

  8. As this town is designated as a growth area, it is truly shameful that the county keep refusing to upgrade the infrastructure. I am appalled with the absence of improvements like walk and bike lanes so we can finally live a healthier life style (i.e. leaving the car home and use our muscles). People in the position of power and decisions should take a field trip to Boulder County and the town of Louisville in Colorado where the opposite happened: preparing the proper infrastructure BEfORE the new developments. As a result it is a wonderful little town with interconnected bike and hike trails, kids can safely move around (sidewalks and bike trials everywhere), and everything looks truly so much better. Not to say the Quality of Life is so much greater with such common-sensical approach. Virginia has such a long way to go.

  9. Go back to Colorado. This is a small, country town. There’s no need to copy another town…we like it the way it is, or was.

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