Brief Notes for 2009-07-12

  • Back from showing houses all day. Expected 150 miles, drove 160. Might have found a house for my clients, too! #
  • RT @petermcarey: RT @CrozetGazette: Crozet Mudhouse has opened their doors! [hoo-ray!] #
  • Just so you know the FHA appraisal & challenge process is impossible. Would love to talk to someone offline about strategies for challenges #
  • RT @ChilesPeachOrch: The new Mudhouse in Crozet bought some peaches yesterday to make some yummy treats. Should open any day now! #
  • Crozet Mudhouse – coming very soon – #
  • RT @ABrement: Saw someone get pulled over by undercover cop on Jarman's Gap Rd in Crozet today. Stay at 25 mph! #
  • RT @hanchettjim: Thick fog in Crozet this morning. Can't see the mountain. #

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2 Replies to “Brief Notes for 2009-07-12”

  1. After visiting the much awaited Mudhouse this week, I found that it is not Crozet’s living room but Crozet’s new office space with computers taking up every table so that my kids had to sit on the floor and eat. ANd to be charged for using a credit card? I mean this isn’t 1960!! I am hoping The Green House is more kid-friendly , less pretentious and hopefully it won’t have WiFi to invite all the self-absorbed computer users taking over….

  2. Crozation –

    Thanks for the timely comment … the WiFi/no-Wi-Fi debate is an important one … stay tuned for my interview coming next week …

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