Anna’s Pizza in Crozet Review

From a reader:

Went to Anna’s grand opening last night in the Old Trail retail center. Looks like a local winner to me. Prices are reasonable and it’s family oriented but by no means a Chuck-E-Cheese kind of place. We were greeted by a wonderful aroma as we went in the back entrance where the wine bar is – they had a good wine selection with some local offerings. We had a couple of the specials which were excellent but were also drooling at the pizza and lasagna being served at nearby tables. Can’t wait to try those. Very personal and personable service and the head chef, family matriarch, and part owner, Maria, came out to talk to us about her authentic Sicilian background and recipes. The outside of that whole area could use some additional unobtrusive lighting in the parking lot and retail area but it’s tolerable at this point. I could go on but try Anna’s yourself, I think you’ll find it a fine addition to the Crozet area, even though it’s in Old Trail. You may be familiar with the original Anna’s in C’ville (which I haven’t been to) but it’s great to have a Crozet version nearby.

ed note: The phone number for Anna’s Pizza in Crozet is 823-1327. (434 area code for those of you not familiar with the area)

Update 22 October 2009: A second review of Anna’s Pizza in Crozet is coming next week.

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8 Replies to “Anna’s Pizza in Crozet Review”

  1. Love Anna’s in town, too!! It was my go-to place when I was pregnant with both kids–and satified many cravings! It is awesome. I can’t wait to try the Crozet version.

  2. Had dinner at Anna’a, it was great. The only complaint is there in no lighting in
    the parking lot which can be unsafe.

  3. Ms. B. Haven –

    Curious about your comment about Old Trail – why aren’t you interested? They have some really great businesses open there now, and more to come.

  4. Please point me to a bank that is open from 6am-7:30pm and also has Saturday and Sunday hours, because I’d like to become a customer.

  5. The two times that I have been to Anna’s the food has not come out at the same time, so that my family can eat their meals together. I, also, have not been impressed by the service.

  6. Went to Anna’s last Friday night with my wife. Left not wanting to come back. I had a tuna salad and mussels for an appitizer – my wife had a garden salad and burger (no fries). First off – my wife wnated to substitute the day’s veggie instead of fries and was told “No”. Then they poured so much salad dressing on the salad (instead of putting it on the side) that my wife had to ask for a new salad. The mussells I had were so small and for $9.95 – not worth it. Over $40 for the two of us and we left shocked at the cost and lack of good food. Not a repeat customer.

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