Old Trail was Rezoned Nearly 10 Years Ago

Hard to believe that nearly 10 years ago, Old Trail was rezoned (that was the 2nd post on RealCrozetVA!).

A few thoughts:

  • It’s a shame that the Daily Progress’ archives are no longer available — note the broken links in my story.
    • I’m glad I quoted a reasonable part of their story.
  • Reading the BoS Executive Summary from that meeting, I’m hard-pressed to see how anyone ever thought that Old Trail was going to be more of a retirement community, as I’ve heard many people say over the years as a means by which to excuse not planning better. 
  • Harder to belive that it’s been nearly 10 years since the rezoning!

The story remains the same. This could have been written today:

Most of the frustration, though, has been directed at the county for not funding long-term improvements outlined in Crozet’s master plan, such as parking, better roads and sidewalks.

That said:

No Crozet Hotel


Owner David Hilliard said he had secured full funding for the equity but could not reach terms with the bank for the planned four-story, 52-room Rutherfoord Hotel, which was to have included a bar, restaurant and rooftop event space. Crozet has no hotels.

Restoration Restaurant at Old Trail

In a sentence – we’ll go back. On a father’s day lark, my wife and I went to Restoration and were impressed with the menu and the fact that they have only local beers on tap.

2013-06-16 18.00.44.jpg

The latest entry in the Old Trail clubhouse restaurant space is Restoration. The renovation is a nice one; next time I stop in I’ll go for dinner and get some pictures.

The Crozet Gazette noted in April:

Local restauranteurs Andrew Watson and Kelley Tripp, who have been involved in six successful restaurants including Boylan Heights and Mellow Mushroom on The Corner in Charlottesville, will launch a new restaurant at the Old Trail Golf Club later this spring. The restaurant is designed to serve golfers, host weddings and events, and welcome families from Crozet and beyond.

Restoration’s phone number is 434-823-1841.

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A Hotel is Coming to Crozet

I don’t know yet if it’ll be soon, but I’d bet Crozet’s hotel will open in the next 24 months.

The hotel will be in Old Trail, rather than in Downtown Crozet. (my opinion: After many conversations, I’m more convinced than ever that this is going to fill a real void in Crozet – the number of vineyards hosting events, weddings, etc. alone probably necessitates this)

I wrote a bit more on my real estate blogbut I’m hoping that the applicant will respond to my email today or tomorrow so I can give more and better Crozet-specific information. (Update: just talked to David; he has exciting plans that I think are going to be very good for Crozet. Either way, I expect we’ll be talking about and hearing about the changes coming to Crozet for the next several months.

If you’re interested, you’ll find a familiar name as the applicant on the County’s County View; just copy SDP2013-011 and paste it into the “application #” field.

Update: Looks like they’re aiming for an opening around January 2015 … right in time for the spring wedding season.

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PROJECT: SDP2013-011 Old Trail Village Block 2B â?? Major Site Plan Amendment
PROPOSED: Request for major site plan amendment approval for a four story, 43 room hotel with a 1,000 square foot restaurant and associated parking.
ZONING CATEGORY/GENERAL USAGE: Neighborhood Model District (NMD)- residential (3-34 units/acre) mixed with commercial, service, and industrial uses.
SECTION: Chapter 18 Section 32 of the Zoning Ordinance
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY: Urban Density Residential- 6-12 units/acre; supporting uses such as religious institutions, schools, commercial, office and service uses in the Crozet Master Plan
LOCATION: At the corner of the intersection of Golf Drive and Claremont Lane, near The Lodge at Old Trail.
TAX MAP/PARCEL: 055E0-01-00-000F1

As usual, interesting comments on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page.


Crozet Hotel Site Plan
Hotel Site plan
Crozet Hotel Site Plan
Crozet Hotel Site Plan

What Should the Speed Limit be on Old Trail Drive (and Jarman’s Gap)

A letter to the editor entitled Old Trail Speed Limit Unreasonable in the Crozet Gazette prompted a good conversation on Twitter that I’m moving to the blog because I think it (and hope it) wants wider conversation.

Can the logic applied to the (absurdly, stupidly low) speed limit on the Charlottesville Bypass be applied here?

Megan Davis wrote in the Daily Progress in April:

Traffic data collected as part of the engineering study conducted by Maryland-based Rummel, Klepper & Kahl showed the 85th percentile speeds at four points in the 35-mph zone of the bypass is between 46 and 50 mph.
The 85th percentile speed, which represents the speed at or below which 85 percent of drivers are traveling in free-flowing traffic, is often used to determine speed limits, according to the study.

“Repeated research on speed limits consistently shows that the most appropriate, safe and enforceable speed limit will be within 5 mph of the 85th percentile speed,” the study reads.

Still, special conditions, such as adjacent residential neighborhoods, school zones and parks, should also be considered, the study said.
The study concluded that such special conditions make the 35-mph zone of the bypass appropriate.

What should the speed limit be on that stretch of Old Trail Drive?

When will they put in sidewalks and the bike lanes that I seem to recall being promised a long time ago?

Grand Opening – June 21 2012 – of The Lodge in Old Trail

via press release:

WHO: The Lodge at Old Trail Senior Living Community

WHAT: Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Scheduled speakers are:

– David Hilliard, owner of The Lodge at Old Trail
– Judy Bowes, Executive Director of The Lodge at Old Trail
– David Collier, Pastor of the Crozet Baptist Church
– Patricia L. Cluff, Chair of the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce
– Linda Hershey, President and CEO, Augusta County Chamber of Commerce
– Senator Creigh Deeds, Keynote Speaker

WHEN: Thursday, June 21. Cocktails at 5:30, and Ribbon Cutting at 6:00 pm.

WHERE: The Lodge at Old Trail, 330 Claremont Lane in Crozet’s Old Trail Village.

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Community Gardens in Old Trail

via email –

The Old Trail Community Garden is now offering garden plots for rent to residents of the Crozet area for the 2012 growing season. It’s a beautiful location, good sun and soil, friendly fellow gardeners, and lots of exercise! Full plots (10′ x 10′) can be rented for $ 20. This is an organic garden (with a deer fence) and is located in Western Park (east of the soccer field), between Old Trail Drive and Brook View Road in Old Trail, Crozet, VA. Access to the garden is by foot, about a 1/4 mile walk from nearby streets. Parking is available on Brook View Road. A minimum of ten hours of in-kind work maintaining the common areas of the garden is required of all garden plot owners.

Space is limited; first come, first served. Please reply before April 1st. For more information, call 434-205-4087 or [email protected].

The annual Freedom 5k in Old Trail Village – Saturday, December 10 2011

via email:

The annual Freedom 5k in Old Trail Village – Saturday, December 10th, 9:00 am.

Race entries are limited –
Register early online:  www.Freedom5K.net.
Cost for entry is $15 prior to 12/1; $20 after 12/1.

Walkers are also welcome!

The course will begin at the Old Trail Village Center, continue to the soccer field in the Park, head up into Ballard Field for a loop around The Common, then to the Golf Course Nature Trail and then finish at the Village Center.

Registration/Check-In begins at 7:30am day of the event.  Parking will be in the field across from the Village Center.

The Freedom 5K is my thank you-my expression of gratitude to that very special 1% of our population that keep us all free and safe.  Thank you for your interest in F5K. God Bless America.

Michael H. Kaminski, Creator and Director of Freedom 5K