Restoration Restaurant at Old Trail

In a sentence – we’ll go back. On a father’s day lark, my wife and I went to Restoration and were impressed with the menu and the fact that they have only local beers on tap.

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The latest entry in the Old Trail clubhouse restaurant space is Restoration. The renovation is a nice one; next time I stop in I’ll go for dinner and get some pictures.

The Crozet Gazette noted in April:

Local restauranteurs Andrew Watson and Kelley Tripp, who have been involved in six successful restaurants including Boylan Heights and Mellow Mushroom on The Corner in Charlottesville, will launch a new restaurant at the Old Trail Golf Club later this spring. The restaurant is designed to serve golfers, host weddings and events, and welcome families from Crozet and beyond.

Restoration’s phone number is 434-823-1841.

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Restoration in Old Trail drink menu

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7 Replies to “Restoration Restaurant at Old Trail”

  1. Tried to eat at Restoration last night; big crowd, wait staff and alcohol service in total disarray, no one in charge. We had to leave when after many minutes our cocktails did not appear and did not seem to be even thought about by the server behind the bar. Others walked also. The owners need to be on site or get a competent manager. It was a nice night and customers wanted to dine at that pleasant spot, but were thwarted by Restoration’s ill preparedness.

    1. I had the same experience not too long ago, completely unorganized. We waited for 25 min without anyone even bringing us a menu so we walked out, haven’t been back since.

    2. We had a much different experience on Saturday night. My daughter and I had dinner on the patio, amidst what seemed to be a prom dinner.

      Our server was attentive, aware and efficient. Excellent service.

      The food was outstanding as well.

      1. We visit this establishment fairly often. Upon arriving Saturday night and seeing a large event in progress, i was about to turn around and leave. This is what i typically do when i see large events at restaurants. However, we decided to stay and try our luck, and was pleasantly surprised.

        Servers were quite attentive; our kids where served quickly; food was consistent as usual; beer came out cold.

  2. Glad to hear that the bad nights are only occasional and not the norm, but in this area’s competitive restaurant scene, a place needs to reduce the number of bad nights to none (have someone in charge who is competent and who cares what happens).

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