Albemarle County Seeks to Facilitate Crozet getting a Hotel

Crozet needs a hotel. The County of Albemarle, recognizing this, “Albemarle County will take steps to make itself eligible for a state financing program that could support the construction of hotels.”

Catlin said the county’s economic development team is supportive of having a small hotel, one that keeps the character of Crozet intact, while filling the critical deficiency for adequate lodging. She estimated a future hotel would have between 30 to 60 rooms.

Read more at Charlottesville Tomorrow.


– What’s the status of the proposed hotel in Old Trail?
– Could Crozet support two hotels? (I think yes, so long as they’re small and Crozet-ish)
– Where would the second one go? (Presumably in the site of the former Barnes Lumberyard)
Will Crozet be further fractured?

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