Old Trail was Rezoned Nearly 10 Years Ago

Hard to believe that nearly 10 years ago, Old Trail was rezoned (that was the 2nd post on RealCrozetVA!).

A few thoughts:

  • It’s a shame that the Daily Progress’ archives are no longer available — note the broken links in my story.
    • I’m glad I quoted a reasonable part of their story.
  • Reading the BoS Executive Summary from that meeting, I’m hard-pressed to see how anyone ever thought that Old Trail was going to be more of a retirement community, as I’ve heard many people say over the years as a means by which to excuse not planning better. 
  • Harder to belive that it’s been nearly 10 years since the rezoning!

The story remains the same. This could have been written today:

Most of the frustration, though, has been directed at the county for not funding long-term improvements outlined in Crozet’s master plan, such as parking, better roads and sidewalks.

That said:

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2 Replies to “Old Trail was Rezoned Nearly 10 Years Ago”

  1. (Jim’s note – edited to add line breaks)

    As I read about the overcrowding in the western schools, sit in long lines of traffic at every significant intersection in Crozet, (almost daily the traffic on 250 backs up from the schools sometimes nearly to Blue Ridge Supply, evenings the line from the Mud House light backs up sometimes past Rock Hill), I wonder, now on the threshold of unprecedented development; in the wake of unprecedented development; in the midst of unprecedented development, does the planning commission look in the rear view mirror?

    I don’t get the sense that anyone in government is looking at the projections and assumptions applied 10 years ago, comparing the projected or desired outcomes to the actual outcomes. I can’t believe having to use “temp” trailer class rooms, and routinely sitting thru multiple cycles of the two traffic lights in Crozet would have been considered desirable outcomes in projections made 10 years ago. What went wrong? Wrong metrics; wrong assumptions; lack of vision or imagination?

    My wife and I have been in Albemarle for well over 20 years and Crozet for ten plus years. While it is still a beautiful place with wonderful people, (even the new comers of the last ten years – lol), I’m saddened to say, in spite of the great strides made, Crozet Park, Streetscape, Jarmons corridor… the quality of life is significantly diminished. Not the fault of a very engaged populace. My experience tells me my neighbors are concerned, participating citizens working to create a safe compassionate community. I think the Crozet of today falls short of what had been envisioned 10 years ago.

    I hope we can learn from the mistakes of the last 10 years and improve on the way Crozet grows in the coming decade. We need vision, imagination and courage from our leaders. Vision to see the full potential the future holds, imagination to find ways to make it happen and the courage to make difficult choices to bring the vision to fruition.

    Regarding the disappointment expressed by the county planners about the lack of citizen attendance at their meeting. You cited 50+ local meetings by Crozet’s concerned citizens. How many of the county planners attended how many of those meetings? These meetings are the forum where Crozet’s residents and leaders decide what they want the future of our community to look like.

    We then send representatives to present the facts on the ground in Crozet and our vision for the future to the county planning commission to solicit their help in creating the community we envision for the future. We send the results of dozens of meetings and countless hours of discussion and research to the county planners to convey our desires and hopes, we shouldn’t have to actually attend their meetings personally to insure they are doing our bidding.

  2. Who are our representatives??? We have only one and her inability to do anything without a committee leads to the chaos. Committees are the most ineffective way to do anything, with the self serving ones being the worst. Until Crozet becomes a town with a real govt.and real elcted representatives the
    current batch of excuses will continue. Any excuse is better than none…

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