Crozet Christmas Trees – Question from a Reader

I love questions.

I subscribe to your blog and had a question about Christmas trees in the Crozet area and thought you might be the best person to ask since you seem to be so well informed (love the blog, by the way – thanks!). Are there any Christmas tree stands in the area? We live in Free Union but love coming to Crozet and thought we’d make a night of it. Thanks for any info!

I thought of the Boy Scouts’ stand in the Great Valu shopping center …

Christmas Tree stand in Crozet

… and AM Fog in Afton.

The reader responded later yesterday evening:

We actually ended up going to check out AM Fog but their selection was small (they’re getting more trees in tomorrow evening) so we decided to go into Nellysford to see if there was a stand in the parking lot where the IGA is. Unfortunately there wasn’t so we headed back towards Crozet/Free Union and noticed a little place on the right of 151, before we got back to AM Fog, called “Kelly’s”. They had great trees for about the same price as AM Fog (we paid $55 for 6’ tree) and they have great candles and wreaths. Oh, and you could still stop at Blue Mountain Brewery and have dinner and a beer!

So there you have it – three places to get Christmas trees in Crozet. Surely there are others …

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5 Replies to “Crozet Christmas Trees – Question from a Reader”

  1. Another choice, albeit, on a specific date: the Rockfish Valley Community Center (between Afton and Nellysford just off 151): they offered great trees, I got a 7 ft for $55, and last year’s tree lasted a long time before needles fell.
    But the drawback is they had them during the holiday market Dec 5, but may be still selling them at the thrift store in the back of the RVCC (the back part of the old school and Hamner Theater).

  2. Please support our local Boy Scouts. Scout troops from Crozet and Ivy are manning the Christmas tree stand in the Crozet Shopping Center. These scouts have helped to harvest the trees and stand by now to assist with your choosing of the perfect tree. Each customer receives individual attention in selecting a tree. The scouts are prepared to make a fresh cut on the tree’s trunk so that it’s ready to place in a stand when you get it home. They carry the tree to your vehicle and assist in securing it. We live in a gentler community because of scouting and they deserve our support.

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