Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-12-13

Crozet week in review via RealCrozetVA’s Twitter feed

  • Donated $25 to VPAP today. Because they’re wonderful and help transparency in Virginia & C’ville politics #
  • @rprav8r I am 99% sure the original plan was to have the Old Trail pool open to all of Crozet. in reply to rprav8r #
  • The world is flat from a communication point of view. Time zones are such a bother. #
  • Find Christmas trees in Crozet – Thanks to one of my readers #
  • Pleased that the Deputy was in the intersection at WAHS this morning. Thank you #
  • Topic of discussion at Crozet Tweetup today: Old Trail pool is planning to open to the public. Much consternation. #
  • RT @CVilleKim: Fun Crozet Tweetup today.Consensus to do next one at start or end of the day for those not fortunate to live & work in Crozet #
  • tells me I should buy a Droid. #
  • @@stevebragaw In this case, wouldn’t it be a benefit for Old Trail homeowners to let their kids walk/ride bikes to school? Thus, not BoS? #
  • Topic of discussion at Crozet Tweetup today: why does Old Trail not have paths/trails leading to Henley & Brownsville? #
  • RT @MaryBethBowen: RT @ABrement: Looking forward to Crozet Tweetup Lunch today! 12:00. Fardowner’s. (me too!) #
  • Once again, traffic at the Old Trail/Henley intersection is a SNAFU #
  • Impressed that my little one is excited to walk to school today. #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Wreck at 240/250 intersection. Traffic blocked. #crozet #
  • RT @twtvite_alert: @jimduncan Friendly reminder: Crozet Lunch Tweetup is tomorrow! #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Crozet Mudhouse Curtain #
  • Woman has been ironing the new curtain in the Mudhouse for about 90 minutes. I wonder how often it’ll have to be ironed. 🙂 #
  • Working in the Crozet Mudhouse this morning. Watching a stage & curtains come together #
  • Off to a listing appointment in Crozet. #
  • @centofante Coming to the Crozet Tweetup? in reply to centofante #
  • Only seeing mentions in @Tweetdeck from one of my twitter accounts. Back to Seesmic #
  • @stevebragaw Fardowners does have WiFi. in reply to stevebragaw #
  • Crozet Tweetup – Thursday at Fardowners. #crozettweetup #
  • Someone *did* move to Crozet because of the Library. #
  • RT @ancym: Darrell Rose at Crozet Mudhouse next Sat the 12th, from 6 to 9 – @jimduncan this is for you… #
  • Love the Batesville Store. Love it. And I’m not alone #
  • RT @CrozetGazette: The Crozet Xmas Parade is today at 3 pm. Goes from Crozet Ave at Jarmans Gap to the Firehouse. We’ll be throwing candy! #
  • Picked up my copy of the Crozet Gazette yesterday. I love having a truly local paper #

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