Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-12-27

  • A lamentation of etiquette at Henley Middle School’s concert – #
  • You’ve seen the house on Jarman’s Gap Road – now you know it’s been reduced by $100k. #
  • Multi-tasking at the Crozet Mudhouse. May be showing a house in a bit. #
  • There are still at least 4 abandonded cars on 250. Why? #
  • Have some snow stories? Send ’em to jim@realcrozetvacom #
  • RT @justincbeck: Clear roads: I took 64 and all was well. I can’t speak for 250. 240 is still 1 lane in places also.#crozet #charlottesville #
  • RT @NBC29: I-64 Eastbound b/t Afton Mtn & Crozet completely blocked by accident at MM 103. Traffic backing up to the top of Afton, 4 miles. #
  • Snow plow is coming around Hilltop right now. Wish their GPS’ were accessible online for the public! #
  • Thank you Charlottesville media #cvillesnow #
  • Just took the kids night-sledding. #
  • If you’re thinking about driving on 240 in Crozet, look at this video 1st to see if you’re ok driving on it #
  • Harris Teeter in Crozet has no fresh bread, no eggs & was nearly out of milk around 3pm #
  • Thinking how scary it is that people w/o power for 18 hours “need” the Nat’l Guard. #
  • Found a dog in White Hall – is it yours? #
  • Reading today’s Daily Progress. The whole thing. Thanks @DailyProgress #

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