Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-01-10

  • @tfjtolson @stevebragaw Does our new library need to be 17k sq. feet? #crozet #
  • Darn multiple personalities. #
  • @stevebragaw @tfjtolson What would a library of 2017 look like? #
  • Just getting around to checking out this week’s ValPak coupons. Trailside & Daluca are included. #
  • RT @stevebragaw: @realcrozetva we need a new #crozet library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Just a thought 🙂 ] #
  • What if we don’t need a Crozet library? #justathought #
  • Who’s going to Steve Landes’ town hall meeting at the Crozet Library today at noon? #localpolitics #
  • @paulawhite What are the FabLab pages for? Shamelessly, would you be interested in writing about them for RealCrozetVA? in reply to paulawhite #
  • Someone came to RealCrozetVA tonight looking for restaurants that deliver in Crozet. Answer: none other than Domino’s #
  • RT @MagnusMusic: Just announced: Burnley Station at Fardowners in Crozet VA Saturday Feb. 6th. #
  • RT @haminga: flurries in Crozet [close school! go to the store! buy sterno! 🙂 ] #
  • Love watching the @CrozetGazette stories coming up in my feedreader. Good stuff this month – #
  • RT @themuckrakes: New show announced in Crozet, VA at Crozet Music Festival on October 8, 2010 #
  • RT @gingergermani: @realcrozetva From the emails that I have read, it sounds like “memberships” will be available to non-residents #
  • Is it a done deal that the Old Trail poll will be open to everyone this year? (as in, not just Old Trail residents?) #
  • @superninjarobot Did you ever make it to Greenwood? in reply to superninjarobot #
  • RT @GoodwinCreek: the breadmobile is out with it’s precious cargo, heading to Crozet, dwtn C’ville & Belmont 🙂 [Great bread!] #
  • @gingergermani There’s a line? How long? in reply to gingergermani #
  • Crozet Pharmacy’s hours just don’t work for me. As bad as “bankers’ hours” #
  • Luckily the Crozet water treatment plant serves only 25 people. ACSA Crozet is better #
  • Took the Christmas tree to Crozet Park for mulching. Does driving it there in my SUV negate the green-ness of recycling of the tree? #
  • t #
  • RT @Grandale: Enjoying a few days off.Going to see some area wineries Veritas,White Hall…then to lunch at Crozet Pizza,a local institution #

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