Crozet Home Sales and Contracts in March

Home sales in Crozet* in March 2010 were double those of March 2009! (okay, they went from four to nine, but we’ll take whatever good news we can find). I also expect that that “nine” will increase by a few as transactions are closed out over the next few days.

Even more heartening is the fact that properties placed under contract in Crozet are double last year as well.

It seems that 2004 was a boom year. 🙂 Mind you, the above data are preliminary, but they show an uptick. The real test is going to come in the second half of 2010.As always, if you have any questions about the Crozet real estate market, please contact me. 434-242-7140

To see the spreadsheet with the above data, click here.

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For these purposes, I am defining Crozet as Brownsville and Crozet Elementary school districts.

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