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I’m not it, but I’d like to think RealCrozetVa is a good resource for those moving to the area and for those who live here.

I love digging through search terms that bring people to my blogs. This was an interesting one last week … someone from New York searching for resources to educate themselves on Crozet.

I assume they’re contemplating moving to the Crozet area; what are the things you would tell someone moving to Crozet?

1 – Read the Crozet Gazette.

2 – Educate yourself about the Crozet schools. (Western Albemarle High School, Henley Middle School, Crozet Elementary, Brownsville Elementary, Field School …)

3 – Search for homes in Crozet. You can even search for Crozet foreclosures.

4 – Ask questions.

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9 Replies to “Crozet VA Relocation Blog”

  1. My family just moved to Crozet from D.C. two weeks ago. Your blog was a great resource during our planning process — and continues to be extremely helpful now that we are here. Thank you!

  2. My advice would be to shop very hard on real estate and realtors. There are real deals to be had. And, do not expect too much. Hopefully you
    will arrive with some source of income.

  3. My husband and I are planning to relocate to Crozet in the spring of 2011. We are interested in finding a good preschool for our two year old (he will turn 3 next fall) that is relatively close so that we can avoid commuting into Charlottesville. We have done some research and there seems to be relatively few preschools in Crozet and even less available feedback. We spend most weekends in the area so we are checking out the schools we can find but I was hoping some local parents had some insights to offer. Any advice/recommendations/reviews will be appreciated!

    1. A number of our friends and neighbors in Crozet have used Millstone in Ivy and enjoy it. The pre-school in Hillsborough Baptist has also received good reviews (from other friends who have used it). You might check those.

    2. Lori –

      Thank you for your comment. We used Millstone and loved it. Every person I have recommended there stops looking after they visit Millstone.

      Note: I am a Realtor and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss representation. Otherwise, welcome in advance to the community!

      1. By coincidence Millstone happened to be a school that I called this afternoon so I was very happy to see the two recommendations for it. It does seem like a good fit for us so we’ll see. Many thanks to you both!

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