Tree work on Jarman’s Gap

I’ve fielded a couple of questions over the past few days …

Any idea why they are doing the major tree clear cutting on jarmans rd? Could this be for the widening/sidewalks or dominion clipping to prevent power outages?


Over the past 2 days they have been taking down what appears to be most of the trees on the southern side of Jarmans Gap Road starting from the west end. Is this for the sidewalks? Just curious if you happened to hear anything, sorry if I missed anything about it.

So … what’s going on?

From Jack Kelsey with the County of Albemarle:

The sidewalk will be on the north side of JGR only. Utility relocations are planned for the south side and must be completed before VDOT bid the construction contract. So the tree removal is most likely associated with the utility relocation activities.

And from Howard Tomlinson, Project Manager of VDOT confirms:

Yes the sidewalk is planned only on the northern side of Rte.691 under the UPC 11129 project. Any tree removal at this time will be for utility relocation.

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5 Replies to “Tree work on Jarman’s Gap”

  1. Thanks Jim, I was also wondering about this. Nice to know there’s a place to go around here for some answers!

  2. You are quite the reporter with that video camera. Thanks for the info.

    This morning there were new utility poles lying near the area (At least they looked new) It will be interesting if they put the utility lines below ground or simply shift them off for the road.

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