Who Wants to Write for RealCrozetVA?

I’ve asked a couple of times over the years for folks to write at RealCrozetVA.

In 2005. And in 2008. And yesterday someone actually emailed me and asked if they could submit a story.

Short answer: Yes. Please do write for RealCrozetVA.

Slightly longer answer from 2008:

The goal remains the same now as it did then – to provide a forum for Crozetians to learn about and discuss growth issues, cultural events, news … whatever the community dictates. A lot has changed, and a lot remains the same.

While this is a “hyper-local” blog and I’m sure I could do some things to get business from it (I happen to be a Realtor), getting business was never the goal.

The offer to the community remains – if you want to write for RealCrozetVA, please let me know. At the very least, I’d appreciate your telling your friends about this site.

Admittedly, the glory and fame is overwhelming, but if you’re up to the challenge, and can stand to spell correctly and use correct grammar, please let me know if you would like to write for the site.

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