37 Replies to “Name Crozet’s New Road”

    1. Doh!
      I did research this one…there is currently no “Peach Street” – simple, historical…but might sound a little fruity…

  1. My vote:

    1) Wayland’s Way

    I am a new resident of beautiful Crozet – and can’t wait for the “new” downtown.

  2. How about Diagon Alley-LOL-the children would love it–or more seriously–Literary Way–since it will go by the new library, if we ever get it built.

  3. I like David Wayland’s suggestion of Barnes Street or Lane (or perhaps Lumberyard Street?) I like the idea of incorporating the history of the town/parcel into the name.

  4. How about “coming-soon” street: very accurate. Remember the Bagels store on the Corner in C-ville? The sign “coming soon” was there for 6+ years. Same with the promised library: 14 years and counting….

  5. Another albeit not a very creative suggestion: New Main St, so we know the difference with the Ol’ Main. Please no naming after a certain still-alive person. I think that is so tacky or at least awkward. Charlottesville has a number of them. “Leonard Sandridge” “Jeanette Lancaster”. In many other parts of the world, street names usually refer to important people who are dead.

  6. J.B. Barnes was so much a part of Crozet for so many years and employed a good deal of the locals here. (who can forget the weekly poker games in the shack?) It should be fitting that the road be named for him as a tribute to his civic mindedness and good will. Perhaps Elisebeth (Betsy to us) could cut the ribbon for the opening. Who is Elisebeth? Ask a local.

  7. I think ” Robert Black Blvd.” would be a good name for the Main Street since Mr. Black lived in Crozet, what a Justice of the Peace..and worked in the Crozet Drug Store for a number of years.

  8. Suggestion for Main Street name: “Doc” Davis Street

    Dr. Davis faithfully gave medical service to the residence of Crozet for many years as it’s only physician and his farm is the major block of land providing for the beginning stages of growth of new Crozet. The street will pass this old country doctors office building.

  9. I like the idea of honoring Doc Davis, but there is already Davis Drive, about a half mile south of downtown off Crozet Ave, which I understand was named for Doc Davis.

  10. I am so curious as to how the new traffic pattern going through Crozet wil work… please share a map might help!

    1. So Curious,

      Here’s a map of the plans from October 2008.

      I’ve asked the county if there’s an updated plan as well as requested
      an updated timeline/schedule for bidding the project and beginning construction.

      There’s web pages on the County web site that have all the details,
      about what they call “Destination Downtown”

      Let me know if you have other questions or better yet, bring them to
      Thursday (11/18) night’s CCAC meeting.
      (web site for CCAC is: http://www.albemarle.org/ccac

      And a hat tip to Jim for hosting a site where this information can be promulgated.

      1. Or, contact the Board Of Supervisors directly, [email protected].
        They are the ones with the final responsibility on this and as elected
        Govt. owe the citizens of the County answers to their questions.

  11. Please not “Lumber”– it sounds much too rural and “industrial” for a hopefully-soon-to-be thriving downtown and a square with such lovely shops and restaurants.

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