Name That Street (In Crozet)

From the Crozet Community Advisory Council:

Crozet had its Main Street –now called Crozet Avenue– for decades. The name was changed as part of the implementation of the 911 system. Meanwhile, when the Crozet Master Plan called for a street to be built that would parallel Rt. 240 on the south side of the tracks, planners dubbed the dotted line on the maps as “main street” and Crozetians, whose memories found  that name jarring,  called it “new main street.”

When the street’s construction was actually begun, the Crozet Gazette called for citizens to nominate a different name for it.  Three names were proposed by more than one person: Library Street, Barnes Street and Lumber Street. Another half dozen names were suggested by one person, among them Owen, Conley, Ellison, Decamp, Peach, Cider and Carroll. At the Crozet Community Association meeting Nov. 11, the candidate names were discussed and a short list was referred to the county for cross-checking against existing names.

Four names survived as viable: Library, Barnes, Lumber and Decamp. At the Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting Nov. 18, councilors eliminated Decamp on the grounds that explaining its Crozet connection–it was Claudius Crozet’s wife’s maiden name–was too obscure and would not be understood by the public. The CCAC asked RealCrozetVa website to post the possibilities to gather community opinion about which is the most suitable before making a formal recommendation to the county. Which would you prefer?

Jim’s note: I’m happy to help in any way that I can. For a brief history and comments on the names, see this post from October.

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11 Replies to “Name That Street (In Crozet)”

  1. Keep it simple and easy to spell, or you could end up like I did living on Bargamin Orchard Lane. Gee, try writing that in small spaces. Was or is there a Bargamin Family?

    1. There was a Bargamin family! Bob Bargamin developed Waylands Grant, Edmund (??) developed Orchard Acres years ago and the Bargamin family lived in the in the big house in Bargamin Park before the doctor whose name leaves me for the moment. Oddly enough, Bargamin Park was not developed by a Bargamin!

  2. P.C.
    Thanks for the local history, I was told this farm had been owned by the Bain family. I could be happy with Bain Lane!

    1. S.W. Bain was the name that I could not recall. Evidently the Bains owned the property after the Bargamins.

  3. Cider street, avenue, or lane would be a good name. Cider, the most popular drink in Colonial times, is making a huge comeback in Virginia and the U.S. Crozet has a significantly rich apple heritage, and cider history.

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