So, Is the New Road to be Named “Peach Street”?

Just wondering.

"Peach" Street?

Update: No.

Thanks to Lee Catlin at Albemarle County for the response, to Tim and Jim for asking.

Lee Catlin of Albemarle County confirmed via email to me this morning that this sign and “Peach Street” name are NOT official for the street. She said county welcomes community input on the possible name. The CCAC will be working with county on submitting name recommendation per their procedures.?So I urge you to vote for your favorite name at😕

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7 Replies to “So, Is the New Road to be Named “Peach Street”?”

  1. Want to have a real impact on what to name this whatever, think that there are way too many streetlights, send your thoughts to: [email protected]. They are the elected authority of Albemarle County.
    You do not need to have your opinions filtered. Go to the source…

    1. Great. Now go buy the sign and put it up. Of course I would rather name it in your honor but, you seem to be with out a name. Pity, all these years nameless, just partnof the herd, always wanting, never getting what you want…

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