Sprint Issues in Crozet?

From a reader:

My wife and I all of a sudden began having trouble with our Sprint service in Crozet, beginning around Wednesday of last week.  Do you know of anyone else having these issues?  We are in Laurel Hills across from Crozet Elementary.

Is this an isolated instance?

On a related note, @ancym was asking on Twitter for cell phone coverage advice, as in – who is the best in Crozet? In my experience, the answer is “Verizon”.

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3 Replies to “Sprint Issues in Crozet?”

  1. My wife has a Virgin Mobile phone (which runs on the Sprint network) which quit getting a signal at the same time as yours. A friend of mine who has five Spring phones on in his house is having the same problem, and he is on St. George. He called Sprint, who (thus far) claims to know nothing about it.

  2. I am Doug’s friend. When I got home from Charlottesville this afternoon, I found that my 3G signal had returned. I made a 2nd call to Sprint on Friday, and they promised to get someone to check out our tower. I guess they did!

  3. I’m the reader in question. I, too, called Sprint on Monday. They claimed to know nothing about it, but then all of a sudden they passed me to the escalation department. The kind lady there was very patient, “tweaked some settings” on her end, and it seems to be working fine now. Something was fishy, though, because she gave us 300 anytime minutes before I could even ask for them…

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