Should we trick or trick on Saturday or Sunday in Crozet?

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I was asked this question this morning while walking my daughter to Crozet Elementary – is there a day this year in Crozet that is considered “the day” for Trick or Treating?

It’s a question that is being asked around the country, in many localities.

So, I pose the question – Should we trick or trick on Saturday or Sunday in Crozet?

Further, if you don’t live in in a neighborhood that is great for trick or treating, where do you go? (and please, don’t do car-trick-or-treating! If you can’t walk from house to house … )

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11 Replies to “Should we trick or trick on Saturday or Sunday in Crozet?”

  1. Ha! Thanks for bringing this up up Jim! Insanity at it’s finest. Halloween is on October 31st. It always has been. I do not happen to have any adult friends who are scarred in any way or have had their careers impaired by the fact that they went Trick or Treating in their childhood on the 31st. This is another way that parents have found to try to simulate some form of utopia for their children which does not prepared them for the real world. Trick or Treating is simple. It’s one night of fun. No one’s week will be ruined. Leave it alone and spend your parenting efforts on bigger things.

  2. Definately Sunday. If Halloween were on aWednesday, would it even be a question? I don’t think so. I know that our house won’t be available for trick-or-treaters on Saturday.

  3. Definitely Sunday. We always used to go on St. George Avenue when I was a kid. No one seems to trick-or-treat much on our street (Blue Ridge Ave) so we’ll probably head out to a subdivision or another busier street this year.

  4. I can’t believe this is actually a debate. Don’t expect candy at my haus on Oct 30th …

    It’s called Halloween … because it’s on Halloween … harumph.

  5. as always and like everybody else: the 31th! You were probably referring to those uptight christians that believe that their God will strike them down if they dare to have fun on a sunday….?

    1. That’s a bit much, don’t you think. There certainly are christians who have an issue with Halloween, but aren’t they entitled to their belief?

      I am a christian, and proud to be. I believe that God allows us to enjoy this life. I would guess that christians who have an issue with Halloween won’t participate on Saturday or Sunday.

      1. Amen. as a Christian, I think discussions of if Christians should participate in Halloween are somewhat silly – Halloween only has religious significance to those who give it religious significance. I’m taking my family on the 31st!

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