Socialism at Western Albemarle?

Judge for yourself.

I acknowledge the biases that the Schilling show espouses, and that is why I’m posting the video of a Spanish teacher at WAHS, rather than cutting and pasting from the source blog entry.

From the Schilling Show blog:

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10 Replies to “Socialism at Western Albemarle?”

  1. everyone in all walks of life have different opinions. she was just expresssing hers. . .Schilling is just sore he was not effect in city council and needs to lash out at people

  2. As long as she only teaches Spanish in class that is fine. As soon as she starts promoting Socialism in her class romm she has crossed the line.

  3. Jim, I know you want to keep the blog civil. One way to achieve that is to refrain from ALL political postings, no matter how tempting, because politics is without exception manipulative, deceptive and ripped out of context to score opinion points, not facts. This video underscores my point loud and clear. You only invite the kind of responses that you dislike so much. If you want to start a political debate (indeed: yawn) then it is better to create a separate blog for that purpose, and keep this blog a true informative one.

    1. Agreed. Shall we single out teachers who post signs in their yards that support Democratic candidates or Republican candidates?

    2. I’ll do my best. Two of the reasons I posted it were:nn1 – She’s a teacher from Western. Like it or not, teachers are always representing their schools. n2 – The comment by a former student is important. If she or any teacher is advocating their politics in class, the students should be exposed to similarly opposite viewpoints. nnI’d like to think that reasonable people can have reasonable and reasonably intelligent conversations and debate about such issues. I refuse to allow the occasional ignorant response (yours is not one such comment) to set the rules or guidelines for discussions here.

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