New “Welcome to Crozet” Signs

From Meg West:

As a member of both the Crozet Community Association (CCA) and the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC), I volunteered to put together three locations for Crozet Welcome signs. These signs will be in the Route 240 and Route 250 Entrance Corridors. Below is the design for the Welcome Sign that has been approved by the Crozet community. We are asking individuals and businesses to help raise the money. The three locations are:

Sign Rt 240: Have permission from Bob Wichser, Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, to place a sign on the west edge of the property right after the lagoon pump station site.

Sign 250 West: Property of Joe and Ellen Waff, at Missing Acres on 250 going West. They are right next to Scott Watkins landscaping business. The Waff’s are willing to have a sign placed at that corner.

Sign 250 East: Property of F & R (Froehling & Robertson, Inc.) 6181 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Mr Tracy Arrington has permission from his corporate office in Richmond for us to place a sign on the edge of their property and the Moose Lodge.

Sign size is 6 sq. ft. 23″ tall x 36″ wide, and on I believe, 5 foot posts. The cost per sign is $350 and $60 to install. The Loins Club has volunteered to mulch heavily under neath and around all three signs and we can do any maintenance needed in the future. Total would be about $1,230.

We are placing donation containers around Crozet locations for individuals to contribute. Or if you would be interested in making a donation, please make it out to Crozet Community Association,
P O Box 653, Crozet, VA 22932  (non-tax deductible)

If you have any questions please call me at 823-5507.  Thank you, Meg West

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6 Replies to “New “Welcome to Crozet” Signs”

  1. Putting the sign on the F&R property means you want to claim Freetown and Brownsville as Crozet. These people and the identity of their area matterednwhen The Restore N Station was being fought. Must not matter now.nnHistoric preservation, isn’t that term being used alot lately? The Crozet Land Grab isnnot historic, it’s just plain sad…nnHopefully County government will put an end to it.

  2. Jim – thanks for publicizing this. The CCA appreciates your and the community’s support. nnThe sign at F&R is at the western edge of the zoning boundary for the Crozet growth area as defined in the County’s Comprehensive Plan. We’re not “claiming” anything.nWe’re recognizing what is and has existed as a defined boundary for decades now.nnTim Tolson, President, Crozet Community Association (CCA)n

    1. Does the State recognize this boundary? Their signs are in far different locationsnthan you want yours to be. The mileage sign after you come off I 64 shows anlarger distance to Crozet than you claim. Another fact, Brownsville School is in thenBrownsville area. Crozet School is actually in Crozet. There is a reason for this.nThis has been a fact for many decades now. Unincorporated communities do not have annexation rights in Virginia. Why does it make sense to you to claim a largernarea than is historically correct? Another thought, the sewer and water line doesnnot run that far up route 250. The whole point of the water and sewer lines werento serve the projected growth area. Your sign is still proposed in the wrong place and should not be erected there. By any stretch of the imagination Crozet doesnnot exist in the area you are trying to claim…

  3. I could not view the proposed sign, but am glad to hear the “Loins Club” is willing to help. I didn’t know we had that here – sounds sort of racy. = ) Seriously, though, I don’t really think I am heading into Crozet until I am passing The Meadows. Is there a sign at the Miller School/250 light pointing the way to Crozet?

  4. The sign placement was discussed at several CCA and CCAC meetings since last summer. We welcome everyone to come to any of these meetings. The placement was talked about as being in the boundaries of the Crozet master plan. Yes, there are many neighborhoods and communities within those boundaries like Yancy Mills, Brownsville, Free Town and Old Trails just to name a few. These signs are not to diminish anything or any neighborhood, they are to welcome folks to our communities. I have heard many positive responses to these signs.

    1. Well, I have heard many negative comments. And, I encourage people to write tonthe BOS at [email protected] to voice their concerns. As an unelected group ofnpeople I feel like this has all gone to your heads. Community boundaries are notnset by whoever can get permission from private property owners to erect their signs. Should I be able to erect, with property owners permission, “Welcome tonWaynesboro” signs in the same area as yours? It would not make any sense…nThe sign you want erected by F & R is roughly 50 foot from a VDH mileage signnthat shows the distance to Crozet as being 3 miles. The boundary has existed fornquite some time. Why can’t you people respect it???nnAnd, just because you have meetings and, everyone is welcome to attend, does notngive you the authority to represent anyone but yourselves. What you discuss andnagree on has no legal binding presense on anyone. If you wish to be part of the legal government of Albemarle County you could run for office. Otherwise, you arenjust an opinion. As you must know, I have opinions too…

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