Albemarle County Police May have Caught the Car Break-in Thieves

We first discussed the break-ins in December from a Crozet perspective. Turns out, we weren’t alone.

From the HooK:

But on January 23, a complaint that people were going through cars in the Old Trail neighborhood led to the arrest of three teens who police say have broken into more than 200 vehicles.

The rash of car break-in reports has been coming in since November, says Albemarle police Sergeant Darrell Byers. Most recently, seven vehicles in Mill Creek were reported hit January 16, over 20 off East Rio on January 17, and more than 20 reported on January 20 in the Georgetown Green and Pantops areas. Most of the vehicles were unlocked, says an investigator.

Police were already looking for the alleged perps January 23 when the call came in from Old Trail in Crozet. The suspects “attempted to leave the area at a high rate of speed,” says Byers.

The alleged getaway vehicle, a Honda Pilot, was stopped on Interstate 64. The first clue that the occupants may have been involved in the thefts was the number of GPS devices spotted inside the car. Police found thousands of dollars worth of purloined property, including golf clubs, a handgun, and small electronics, says Byers.

Read the whole HooK article. What these kids allegedly did is astonishing.

I want my money clip back, that was a high school graduation present. With the initials JED. And I’d really like for anyone associated with these crimes to be convicted.

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10 Replies to “Albemarle County Police May have Caught the Car Break-in Thieves”

  1. FWIW, cville police have successfully returned both of my stolen ipods in the last two years. it really pays to engrave your items, with cell # and name!

  2. Anyone who has been a recent victim of a car theft or recognizes a stolen item depicted in the media should call Investigator Mark Belew at 296-5807. Anyone with information about these crimes also may call Crimestoppers at 977-4000.

  3. What I find shocking is that people leave guns in the car and then not lock the car. This is most likely a crime as one is required to lock firearms safely away from others. So leaving that stuff in unlocked cars is per definition breaking the law. So there you “law-abiding” citizens!

    1. If your vehicle is on your property you can have as many guns and swords in it as you like. The point is that people were breaking into vehicles and stealing things. Whether the vehicle was locked or not does not matter. In your home you can have a gun in every corner.nWhat law requires you to lock away things so that others cannot steal them?

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