Starr Hill + Monticello = Beer

But will it be on tap in Crozet?

From the Washington Times:

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation says it’s working with Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet to offer Monticello Reserve Ale, inspired by what was produced and consumed regularly at Monticello. Brewing beer was among the plantation’s important activities, and the beer was one of the “table liquors” served with meals.

Monticello Reserve Ale is made from a combination of lightly hopped wheat and corn.

In-depth story from the AP.


.@StarrHill Will the Monticello beer be available in Crozet? Jan 27 20:05:24 via TweetDeck

@realcrozetva Check out our Tasting Room for the Monticello Reserve Ale in mid-FebruaryThu Jan 27 21:06:17 via web

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