What Businesses Does Crozet Need? (in 2011)

We discussed this in 2007, but seeing as how someone came to RealCrozetVA the other day searching for “what businesses does Crozet need?” I figured we may have different needs now than we did then.

We now have a Chinese restaurant, Trailside Coffee has ice cream, Harris Teeter, and quite a bit more.

So, Crozetians, what do we need?

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49 Replies to “What Businesses Does Crozet Need? (in 2011)”

  1. Whole Foods. Car wash (as opposed to spray). We either needed extended hours on the dry cleaners or a second dry cleaner. Women’s boutique. Cooking store with lessons. Outdoor Store for cyclist, hikers…Blue Ridge Mountain Sports “express.” Shoe store with Born, Ugg, etc. Sports equipment, fintess shop. Shall I keep going?

  2. Whole Foods. Car wash (as opposed to spray). We either needed extended hours on the dry cleaners or a second dry cleaner. Women’s boutique. Cooking store with lessons. Outdoor Store for cyclist, hikers…Blue Ridge Mountain Sports “express.” Shoe store with Born, Ugg, etc. Sports equipment, fintess shop. Shall I keep going?

    1. We have most of the retail “Needs” covered, and restaurants as well, we have several really good ones, and a wide variety. I think “Needs” have been confused with “Wants” above. Is Whole Foods that much better than what you can get between Harris-Teeter and Great Valu? A cycle shop might be the right move, if they can get a space close to Bike Route 76. I agree that the drycleaner’s hours don’t really suit anyone who commutes. nnFor a town the size of Crozet, I think we have quite a bit, I rarely feel a need to beyond Crozet to get the things I needs, and most of what I want. The only business that would be nice to have would be a FEDEX/UPS type place, because USPS is not open on weekends nnDWe are ideally situated between Waynesboro and C-ville for bigger store needs. Waynesboro is often more convenient to drive into quickly to hit the big box stores than C-ville in any case. Most people in Crozet work in C-ville, and I think they grab what they need in town on their way home from work.nnMore importantly, Crozet needs to fill it’s empty office space, the acreage across from the vet’s office has been vacant far too long, who can get a business to move in there, and hopefully provide some more local employment, too?nnSecondarily, we need to think about a place where the kids who aren’t old enough to drive can go to and have fun this time of year. IN the summer there’s the pool and the parks, but what can some 13-15 year olds do for fun in this town in the winter?

      1. umm aren’t we here becasue we like the outdoors? Get your kids off their screen gizmos and stick a toe in the great outdoors! Go OUTSIDE.It is pretty.

      1. i agree with Val213. A pharmacy with extended hours is helpful for family with kids. The current pharmacy has adequate inventory, but their hours are very, very limited. Sadly, it takes national chains to keep longer hours, like a CVS, that also close up shop for small businesses. 24Hr may be extreme.nnother businesses…. Activity center to keep kids active, ‘busy’, and safe. Hanging out corner of BP is not an ideal setting teens.

        1. I agree that extended Sat./Sun. hours for Parkway would be great. It’d also be great if Blue Ridge Builder’s supply adopted longer Sat./Sun. hours too. At least until 6:00 on Saturdays.

          1. And Sundays – I waste hours tekking to Lowe’s for a screw or bolt on Sundays!  Would rather invest in BRBS

          2. I’d very much rather go to Lowe’s/Home Depot, then give my $$ to a place that employees a child molester. Do a search and you’ll find BRBS employees such a person.

          3. Did you go in and confront them?
            Actually find out the facts? Or, do
            you enjoy just throwing stuff out
            there without having to be accountable for it?

          4. do a search in waynesboro and check out the individuals. you’ll find the one who works there. look at your facts before you open your mouth.

          5. Unlawful use of the information for purposes of intimidation or harassing another is
            prohibited and willful violation shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

      2. i agree, frankly if you want a 24 hour anything, move to Forest Lakes. I like that Crozet goes to sleep when I do. 🙂

  3. What we really need it seems we can’t get at least for awhile . . . a NEW LIBRARY!!!! But shops, I don’t know . . . with all the space that they are thinking of putting in where Barnes Lumber is . . . . means a ton. Don’t know how they would fill them all!

  4. I’d like to see a really good mini-golf course. Would provide employment for teens and fun family entertainment.nnAlso agree with a Bodos. Perfect location is where the Restor N Station was proposed.

  5. Unfortunately there is limited space for these needs and/or wants in Crozet because the Master Plan has not expanded the downtown footprint enough to allow for all the suggestions listed below. As we all know getting the Master Plan changed requires the “blessing” and support of the 1) Crozet Community nAdvisory Committtee (CCAC)2) The Planning Commission 3) Board of Supervisors.nThe Barnes Lumber Property will not take off overnight as it is a huge investment for a developor to invest their money or their investors money in such a “venture”. It will at best begin very small and perhaps grow. I disagreen the library will be the salvation of the community. While the library is a draws, it is businesses that accept cash, debit and credit cards in payment of goods and services that contribute to the overall health of the community and the county. For every dollar one spends, 1 penny of the sales tax revenue icomes back to the County or City. Guess where a lot of our pennies go today…. Waynesboro, Virginia. nnIt is apparent to businesses that Albemarle County and especially businesses interested in the Crozet area that they are not Welcome in Western Albemarle County, as evidenced by the “struggle” to put in the Restore N Go and the I-64 Industrial Park. Residents say they want these up-scale stores and shops but are unwilling to allow them and instead wish to maintain their “quiet rural nscenic’ community rather than allow growth. For those who wish to have these things, they need to do two things 1) Find out who your CCAC (Crozet Community Advisory Committe representative and voice your opinion strongly regarding you needs and attend their meetings and speak up 2)nLet your Supervisor Ann Mallek know that you are interested in these things and continue to voice your opinion until your desires are heard. Get out and Vote in November for Supervisors who are growth oriented and are willing to really mean that Albemarle County is Open for Business. The Waynesboro Economic Development leaders are already planning how to make Waynesboro even more Business Friendly. Currenly the voice that is being heard is one of “Let’s keep things just like they are”. You can help get what you need and want or the powers to be will decide what you need and want. nnGet out and mold YOUR community rather than letting others RUN your community!!!nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. The Restore N Whatever is the worst example to present to complain about “anti growth” attitudes. That business was way out of proportion for the site -it is dependent on a well for one thing- and maybe a draw for truckers and drivers that only go on and off I-64, but a disaster in the making for the community. The miriad of problems were spelled out in glaring detail. It is coming anyway (albeit a smaller version) but we will not see much of any benefit from it.

      1. nnnnnnnRestore N Station is an example of the nonsense one must go through to start a business in Albemarle. It is roughly 3 miles and 2 communities from Crozet yet the unelected boards want to claim this as their own. The well situation has been resolved.nIf you do not want to spend money there, don’t. What we neednis some real industry instead of more of the same bedroomncommunity stuff. We also need to attract people who know how to adapt to the area they choose to move to instead of trying to force an area to adapt to them…nnAnd, VOTE!!! We are still only an election away from being ablento restore our community back to normal.

  6. Research/Development, High Tech, Kinkos/Fed Ex, Local Cottage Industry, Trader Joes, Small Theater for independent films, Craft Shop, YMCA or boys/girls club….

  7. Call me crazy…I love the small stores in Crozet. When I walk in Parkway, I am always greeted with a smile and they already have my Rx on the counter by the time I get to the back. I actually prefer Great Valu to HT but then again no one is ever too busy to say hello or help me find something. The dry cleaner always does a great job and my clothes are ready in 24 hours! If I want to get lost, I go to the big stores…but when I am home, I like to be with and around my neighbors. I think we simply need more people going out on a limb like Camille at Green House, opening doors to neighbors looking for good food/service and a little community.

    1. I agree! I have been in the Green House twice and cannot find a table and have left both times becasue Once again…SELFISH people are using a table for their COMPUTERS AT LUNCH TIME while drinking water or cold coffee. Get a clue, look up at me and my 75 year old mom who just want to sit down and EAT

    2. I totally agree.  I love the fact that Great Value sells fresh local produce.  They sell fresh local organic tomatoes for half the price of the farmers market downtown and local corn that is the same price and much fresher than the corn at HT

  8. We need a REAL ice cream place such as Kline’s (Waynesboro, Staunton, and Harrisonburg). I am all about supporting the entrepreneur rather than the chains/box stores. nnA shoe repair shop–what happened to those? I still need one from time to time. nnI agree since we don’t have good hours for commuters at the post office, we need some other shipping service available. nnSomething for tweeners is a puzzling one for me. Tweeners need supervision with an authority that they respect. I am not sure how that could be pulled off. When you look in Charlottesville, there is little for this age group to do other than hang out at the mall! If they get in trouble at the mall, they are banned from coming back!

  9. an outpost type store–an outfitter and country store in one. people can stop in for a snack, some hiking boots and gloves, a jacket and some old fashioned soaps. Picture the Olsen’s general mercantile on Little House on the Prairie. 🙂

    1. I think the general owned by Nels and Harriet Olsen are history. Nowadays, crackle barrel is new kid in town. I hope this is not the next thing as far as general store in the area.

  10. Trailside Coffee currently offers a wide variety of Bodos bagels as well as their specialty cream cheeses. Also, Trailside serves up spudnut donuts every Friday morning.

  11. I’m not sure anyone’s gotten the casual “family dining” thing in Crozet right yet. At the very least, there could be other options. We love Blue Mtn. Brewery, but it’s $$ for casual more than once a week and a bit of a trek for weeknights. Fardowners is more of a dive/happy hour place, Cucina and Pesto are meh for the money, Southern Way is just meh. Anna’s and Sal’s are okay for kids, but it’d be nice to have an alternative to the pizza place.

  12. With the elder facility going in at Old Trail, what other kinds of needs will come up…?  What kids of long range planning has been done?

  13. A good family-breakfast/brunch place would be nice.  I, also, would love a place like The Batesville Store used to be in Crozet – music and buffets served early enough for a family to enjoy.  As far as a non-business venue, I would love a spray park.

    1. Ashley, answering your concerns: 
      A)  La Cocina del Sol does a great Sunday brunch; The Southern Way Cafe over by Music Today does weekday breakfast, too. 

      B)  Not a public venue, but Bright Beginnings has a “spray park” for their enrollees.  For public venues, Crozet Pool has the “Mushroom” in the shallow area of the pool.  Great for families! 

      C)  Music can be found in many venues in and around Crozet – with many family-friendly festivals being added to the roster continually. 

      1. But there is absolutely nothing coming even close to what we had in the Batesville Store. Fardowners tried with some jazz/blues but is too small and charged too much and only a few people showed up. The Batesville Store was always crowded with enthusiastic music lovers!

  14. I would like a nice bakery, love what the coffee places have, but to be able to walk in and get fresh bread, muffins and such. The local coffee places could then also buy from the bakery and keep costs down from deliery of baked items from other places.

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