Harris Teeter Pharmacy Opening in September

(I’m waiting on confirmation on the date from Harris Teeter corporate)

Harris Teeter Pharmacy Opening in September
(this is the cut-out for the pharmacy)

A pharmacy with extended hours has been a topic for years.

What businesses does Crozet Need? (in 2011)
@droxrich I wouldn’t be surprised if the pharmacy was added before the Starbucks (and personally, I hope Starbucks doesn’t come)

* as an aside, writing this story made me re-think my decision to stop doing the weekly Twitter posts. Having them searchable on my blog has proven (at least in this instance) very valuable. Don’t be surprised if they come back.

If you’re curious about past discussions about the Crozet Harris Teeter and its pharmacy, I’ve done the search for you.

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One Reply to “Harris Teeter Pharmacy Opening in September”

  1. This is great news!!!!  I can’t recall the number of times, we had to drive into barracks for the pharmacy after hours and Sundays.  Crozet pharmacy is nearby, but its limited hours makes it inconvenient. 

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