Those Were Some Mighty Winds in Crozet Today

Note the lift on the left that’s being used to shore up the other building.

Update from @OldTrail (thank you!):

@realcrozetva Happy to report that everyone is safe from the town home construction and wind damage.

I assumed everyone was fine, but you know what happens when you assume … : )

Photos courtesy of @JonathanK

Update 2/26/11:

@OldTrail posted this awesome update this morning (which I would have posted earlier, but I was meeting with clients and builders all day in Old Trail):

What was even better about this unfortunate event was that the collapse of the single unit without any damage to the adjoining homes proved the soundness of the design.

“It’s ironic, but that is exactly what’s supposed to happen,” said Will Craig, project manager for Craig Builders. He continued, “These units are built to withstand such an event; if there were ever a fire in a middle unit and it had to be removed, homeowners on either side can see proof right here that their units can stand alone.” He further commented that the unit was scheduled to have a roof installed on Monday; had that been in place, the unit would have withstood the high winds on Friday.

I specifically didn’t mention the builder in the initial post as I didn’t want to invite snarky comments; I will attest to the fact that Craig are some of the best, and best to work with, builders in the area.

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