45 Replies to “Crozet’s First Welcome Sign is Installed!”

  1. At least this sign is closer to being in the correct place than the rest of them will be. I just don’t get it. Are putting up boundary signs an asset to a community when there are already ones in place? is any effort appreciated
    no matter what? Do murals and signs define a community???

      1. Actually, they are signs welcoming people to our community. I’m not sure we need to welcome signs to the community.

          1. Thanks for clarifying- I had no idea what you were talking about the first time. Thank goodness for the grammar police.

        1. Where are the these signs welcoming people to Crozet? I’ve lived here my entire life and never seen one, until now.

    1. Sign looks great! I like the choo-choo.

      The murals and signs in charlottesville are a great touch for the area, and this is a little something to this area.

      If you’re saying do we need signs? Of course not, but its a nice touch, and went up without too many people complaining (cause there are always complainers out there)

      I do wish some of the builders signs were tamed a bit. Looks quite ‘cheesy’. Next we’ll have the guys spinning signs on the corner. Hey builders…. Silence is golden.

    2. Edward is so limited in his thinking beyond the tip of his nose: the signs are NOT boundary signs and are not intended to be boundary signs. Yes Murals and signs are part of the fabric of a community, they contribute to, but not define them.

      1. I am not limited at all. The fact that I have a different opinion is
        not a defect on my part. If you need murals and signs put them on your own property or, at the very least, in the community
        they actually seek to represent. Whats next, banners on fences?

        1. Unless you own the railroad bridge, IGA, or any of the properties that the new signs are located on why are you complaining so much? You seem to dislike signs and murals but are OK with gas stations?

          Why are you so against the locations of the signs/signs in general? Let’s compromise here, if you had the ability to chose the locations where would you place them?

          Your logic is borderline irrational, say informal fallacy.

          Oh, and Edward, do you work the night shirt, are you unemployed, or do you just tend to be awake late at night?

        2. Unless you own the railroad bridge, IGA, or any of the properties that the new signs are located on why are you complaining so much? You seem to dislike signs and murals but are OK with gas stations?

          Why are you so against the locations of the signs/signs in general? Let’s compromise here, if you had the ability to chose the locations where would you place them?

          Your logic is borderline irrational, say informal fallacy.

          Oh, and Edward, do you work the night shirt, are you unemployed, or do you just tend to be awake late at night?

          1. I do not own a railroad bridge, Great Value, or
            any of the properties you mention. I stand behind my opinion and it is not very mature of
            you to throw your little jabs at me through your keyboard. If you wish to pick at me do it in person. I you actually want to share opinions
            online fine. If you want to know about my personal life that will have to be done in person.

            And, I prefer gas stations to misplaced signs,
            tacky murals, and tract housing. Boundary signs should have some integrity behind them.
            For the people that do not know where they should be placed, maps are a good source of

            Can you understand that Crozet was a thriving
            community without these misplaced signs?

  2. Yeah Edward, and Exit 187 on I64 really should be changed from “CROZET” to what would you have it be? Although I wouldn’t be surprised if other “communities” in the area put up their own signs, Greenwood if they don’t already. I believe White Hall, Afton, and Batesville already have nice welcoming signs and 25 MPH speed limits. It’s quite a nice touch to add to the community.

    The designs were great and Peter has always done a great job with his signs. Good work, well done.

  3. I think Meg and company did a great job with the signs, just one more plus for Crozet. With regard to Mr. Strauss’s objections, I’m not sure what to say especially since I understand that he does not, in fact, live in the Crozet growth area, but near Greenwood. If this is true I’m not sure what weight, if any, his opinions have on a community where he doesn’t reside.

    1. Whatever job these people have done and what the impact is, is yet to be realized. I doubt it will have much effect. This is so typical, if you don’t like the message you go after the messenger. How Albemarle
      County money is spent and how the County is developed is open to
      question by all county residents. Especially the actions of unelected boards in unincorporated communities…

      1. My prior post was mainly to those who feel the need to react to your consistently negative posts about Crozet, a community where you do not reside. You seem to be upset that the people of Crozet act in the best interest of THEIR community, which should come as no surprise to anyone. With regard to your constant harping on the “unelected”, there are two organizations in Crozet that work toward the betterment of the the community. The first is the Crozet Community Association, which has been around for decades and the other the Crozet Community Advisory Committee or CCAC. The CCAC is composed of members appointed by the board of supervisors to work toward the orderly implementation of the Master Plan, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors. So in fact the CCAC is acting under the authority of the board. The fact is the actions of the CCAC have been consistent with views of the majority of the resident of the Crozet growth area and in the end that’s what its all about. But getting to your posts, those who follow Crozet through Jim’s site have to realize that not only you not live in Crozet but you do not attend the meetings of either the CCA or the CCAC, so your posts are always reactive to issues you chose not to be involved in. The bottom line is the value of your posts have to be viewed in their proper perspective as coming from an outsider and always come one day too late to make a difference.

        1. CR –

          Well-said, and thank you.

          Edward – you’ve been given a lot of latitude, and perhaps more than warranted. I’m thisclose to asking you to stop commenting.

          1. Jim,
            Your terms say nothing about different or
            not popular opinions. I do not ask or comment
            on personal information nor am I even interested in it. This is a common tactic when you run out of facts or you simply are out of answers. If you don’t like the message you go after the messenger. Power corrupts. When
            people start claiming they know whats best for
            you, you better watch out…

          2. You know this is a little community blog, right?

            Here is a suggestion – blogging is easy. Why don’t you start your own?

            Accusations of power and corruption will absolutely get you banned, not because I have some inordinate amount of power in this world, but I do on this here blog, the blog is for the community, always has been, and everyone but you tends to be civil and respectful when disagreeing.

            If you don’t like my rules, please either stop commenting or start your own blog or be respectful.

          3. You are right except that you tend to ignore things that are said about me. I don’t try to tell people their age or where they live. Nor make comments about their mental state. I try to present facts and only represent
            myself with my own opinions.

            Strange you mention power and
            corruption. Some time back a lady brought up the issue of conflict of interest on the boards.
            Was she banned? Is it worth a thread topic? The Albemarle County School Board used to be appointed. Not any more.

        2. And you tend to avoid whatever you choose to. How you can act like you speak for the majority of people in
          Crozet speaks volumes of who you are. I doubt you know the majority. The fact is that the unelected boards of Crozet like to get involved with issues that are not in Crozet. The Restore N Station as now planned is in the Greenwood Historical District. One of the signs, which is this threads topic, is planned even further west of this site and is clearly not in Crozet. As far as where I live? Who knows? The signs thing is not
          finished yet. It appears that you can only stand to hear things that you agree with. You will do what you can to
          silence what you do not agree with. I bet you are on one of these boards. Maybe, just maybe, If you would stick to actual Crozet issues and not try to run Western Albemarle County some of the negative comments would no longer have reason to exist.

          1. Let’s deal with your constant use of the term “unelected boards”. As I mentioned in my prior post the CCAC was created by the Board of Supervisors to work with the county in the implementation of the Master Plan, a plan that was approved by the elected BOS. With regard to the Store and Station the fact is the Crozet growth area extents to Rt 250 and the Crozet Master Plan includes recommendations dealing with the Rt 250 Corridor so the CCAC was perfectly within its bounds to make recommendations on development along Rt 250.
            On the sign issue the fact is it was not the CCAC but the Crozet Community Association who came up with the idea to create the signs. There was significant discussion regarding the signs and their placement at the CCA meeting, but then again you chose not to take part in the discussions.
            With regard to me claiming to represent the majority I can only respond by saying what nonsense. What I did say is the CCAC has done their best to to represent the views of the community, but you wouldn’t know that because you’ve never been to one of their meetings.
            Finally, it’s not a matter that I don’t like negative comments, it’s the fact that your negative comments always come after the fact on issues you didn’t take the time or effort to get involved with. If I remember correctly you were given the opportunity to provide an alternative view of how development should take place in Crozet, but went silent and that speaks volumes for a person who can’t even admit they don’t live in the community they seem to have nothing good to say about.

          2. Ok, If a board is appointed vs being an
            elected one it is an unelected board.

            School board used to be appointed. People wanted an elected one.

            Crozet Growth area for all intents and purposes extends with the water and sewer lines. That was the whole point
            of installing these. Is the Greenwood
            Historical district not valid in your opinion?

            Regarding the use of “majority”, you use
            it in a previous comment.”The fact is the actions of the CCAC have been consistent with views of the majority of the resident of the Crozet growth area and in the end that’s what its all about.”
            How do you determine what a majority is? It is self-serving at best.

            As far as commenting after the fact. Yes
            on this blog I do. I wait for the topic and
            then either comment or not. That is the way it works.

            And, you do not know me, where I live or what I am involved with. Am I that big of a threat that you feel the need to try and silence me??? Either go to your meetings or I am out? I do not think this
            community needs a filter for it’s thoughts.

            About giving my alternate view on how development should take place in Crozet I was very clear. We should not give up
            and adopt a bedroom community mentality. Industry and jobs are needed for a thriving community like we once had. Enough about me. Who are you???

          3. What baffles me about your “Industry and jobs are needed for a thriving community” statement is that it contradicts your negative feelings you have about housing growth in the area. If new industry did come to crozet, who would work there? What are future employees of these industries not allowed to relocate to Crozet to prevent growth? Is the industry not allowed to grow to prevent the area from growing population? If you are going to be pro jobs and industry, you can’t be a hypocrite and not accept its consequences of population growth.

            Industries form in areas where they can profit, not because they’re trying to help out an area. So why would an industry form in the crozet area as compared to the lower cost of land over in Wayneborough?

          4. No need to be baffled. When we had industry in Crozet more people from Crozet worked in Crozet.
            And quite a number of people from the other areas would commute to Crozet to work. It was actually a balanced community. The major attraction of this community existed long before the current bandwagon got going. You do not need more housing and people for an area to improve. We need balance. As for costs, why overpay for a tract house in Crozet when they can be had cheaper in Waynesboro?

          5. I don’t know about other people, but you’d buy a house in Waynesboro becasue you prefer the way it has developed over the way Crozet has. You are a piece of work Edward!

            Sheets, Walmart, Home Depot…

          6. You might be right on this one. Some people might buy a house depending on what Big Box stores were close to it.

          7. If you need proof that the CCAC has consistently been representing the majority views of the community you have no further to go then to look at the votes by the planning commission and board of supervisors, which have supported every position taken by the CCAC. From voting on a revised master plan,which reduces the 24,000 population that was supported by David Wyant the former supervisor, to voting to reducing the size of the Restore and Station, to the rejection of the Yancey Industrial park, to approving the rezoning of the Scott Watkins property on Rt 250 to LI so he could save his business, to the approval of the downtown plan, including the recent vote to allow redevelopment of JBruce Barnes lumber yard, every vote by the PC and BOS has been the same as the CCAC. This is not to mention the community survey done by the CCAC, which was answered by almost 700 respondents who gave guidance to the CCAC on the direction the community wanted to go. But perhaps you can provide proof, which means more then just your opinion, that the positions taken by the CCAC do not represent the view of the community.
            As for your view of development in Crozet you do realize there is something known as property rights and zoning, both of which were decided long ago when the county first developed a comprehensive plan. Now you may be ready to strip the rights of land owners, but I doubt that many people in Crozet share your view.
            As for who I am, I’m someone who lives in the growth area and has long been involved in the issues of growth and development here in Crozet. Unlike you I don’t trust government and there has been more then enough evidence here in Crozet to support that mistrust. Unlike you I support well designed development and property rights. Unlike you I believe the development in Crozet has brought many more good neighbors who care about this community. I believe the growth has brought more services which were long needed in Crozet. Unlike you I believe the CCAC and Crozet Community Association consistently have worked to make Crozet a better place to live.
            That’s who I am.

          8. Since you “don’t trust government” you approve of unelected boards appointed by them that they always manage to agree with?
            Conflict of interest issues
            How are they handled? Or, not? Trust is a big issue. Ever have 700 people at your meeting?
            Those surveys, all the results made public?
            Nope, we are in a word throwing contest. This was a simple thread about a road sign. ..

            A little integrity here, after all the words above
            you can not admit who you are.

          9. Let’s see if I can master Edward’s midnight mastery of the keyboard.

            1. You are one to call someone out for not admitting who they are.

            2. The results of the surveys were published in the Crozet Gazette. Were not all the statistics published?

          10. Do I claim expert knowledge or opinion?
            Are you saying that you do not know my name? What are you trying to say??

    2. I’ve been thinking about the “community where he does not reside” statement for a few days now. I would like to add a different perspective.

      For decades, Crozet has served as sort of a hub for Western Albemarle. People who didn’t live inside the town limits were still considered part of the community. Kids from Free Union, Greenwood, Afton, Batesville, Brown’s Cove, etc went to the same schools that kids who lived in Crozet (or within what is now the growth zone) and were part the same scouting and 4-H clubs. Their parents used the locally owned hardware, pharmacy, and grocery stores that survive to this day, and went to the locally owned cafes and restaurants and movie theater (before it got torn down). They worked in Crozet, bought their feed here, mailed their packages, and went to church here. They volunteer with “our” emergency services, teach at “our” schools, and use “our” library.

      For folks who have lived in Western Albemarle for a long time, Crozet feels like their community, too. We’re thrilled to now have a farmer’s market and a great array of new restaurants (I mean seriously, the idea of having 1 Chinese take out place seemed like an impossible wish when I was in high school!), to see buildings that have been falling down being restored or replaced, and to have more people who are excited about and care about Crozet. The Crozet of my childhood was pretty awesome; the Crozet of my adult life is different, but pretty awesome, too.

      Maybe this is part of the inevitable growing pains when a agriculturally-ringed village-sized entity becomes a suburb+farm town-sized entity, but I hope it will explain to folks why someone who doesn’t “live in Crozet” still might strongly care about what happens to the town, and why they may want to speak to that care and concern, and why we might not want to use address as a marker of who is qualified to express an opinion or how valid (or widely held) that opinion is.

      1. I think it’s important to remember what we’re talking about is growth and development in the Crozet growth area and planning to take a community from a population of 2,500 when the master planning process started to what’s now, after the last revision of the master plan, a total population of over 17,000. I believe it’s quite different viewing development in Crozet from as you described, living in the agriculturally ringed area, as opposed to be told there’s going to be a new development of over 2,000 homes built next door. To that end I believe the residents of Crozet have done their very best to deal with the new growth in such a way it will improve life for those not just in Crozet, but for all of western Albemarle. While I understand your position that many living around Crozet care about the community, I’m also sensitive to new residents of the growth area who, after reading some of the posts here, have not felt welcome to their new community and wanted to point out that the posts are not coming from their neighbors here in Crozet.
        With regard to caring about Crozet one has only to read Mr. Strauss’s posts to see caring is not what he’s writing about. A significant number of his negative posts have been directed at residents of the Crozet growth area aka “unelected boards” and my response was largely directed at those posts as coming from someone who has not been involved in the issues and doesn’t live in the growth area.

        1. Again, you write about what you do not know about. Just because you are unaware of any involvement by me does not mean that I am not involved. In other words you seem to think that someone has to pass your test for involvement. Also the issue is no longer Crozet
          but the Crozet Growth Area or CGA. Do you represent
          the people of the CGA? If you feel you do you are unelected just like the boards. You cannot seem to be able to stand an opinion that is not like your own. I
          suggest you try to get Crozet to incorporate into town
          status, run for election in the town council, and, if you
          win at least you would have some basis to talk down the
          opinions of others. There is no authority on other peoples opinions. The elected County Government is
          the Albemarle Board of Supervisors. Their meetings are
          inclusive. They accept all opinions. You should go to one of them. I do not know a CR. What basis do you have to claim to know me?

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