Green Olive Tree Grand Opening

From the Green Olive Tree:

The Green Olive Tree will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening for business on April 16th at 10 AM. The new location is on Three Notch’d Road in Crozet area across from Music Today (ie ConAgra Building).  The Green Olive Tree is a Christian thrift store offering to the community a variety of clothing for the whole family, books, household items, linens-lots of good company and friendly smiles.  Plan to attend and shop for exciting spring items.  For more information, please contact Jo Ann Perkins  434-823-4987.

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One Reply to “Green Olive Tree Grand Opening”

  1. Yes, The Green Olive Tree began as a Christian ministry to the Crozet community over three decades ago, and it’s imperative it remain true to its roots. I was there and helped out in the beginning, as Jesus, the vine, along with seven Christian friends, the branches, dreamed The Olive Tree into life, as it opened its doors to the community. Those who are threatening to jeopardize The Tree’s Christian identity are lukewarm modernists who are in dire need of reading Revelation Chapter 3 about the lukewarm church. Why, the Tree’s very name was culled from the Bible! Before its Christian roots are dug up and tossed on the compost heap of progressive modernity, The Olive Tree needs to be closed down. Then, those controlling progressives who know best for everyone can open their own thrift shop. Of course, it would not be as satisfying for them to lose their militant takeover of The Olive Tree. They prefer loudly touting the unrealistic idea of coexistence in The dear ole’ Tree, while at the same time wrongly declaring Jesus is NOT THE way, THE truth, and THE life! To those with such heretical thoughts and beliefs, I say, “Go hug another tree!”

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