Crozet’s Population Doubled in the Last Decade

From the Crozet Gazette:

Crozet’s population (Census Bureau boundaries roughly overlap the Crozet Growth Area) grew from 2,585 in 2000 to 5,560 last year. That means White Hall District—which started out as the district already closest to ideal—needs to shed about 950 people, which happens to be very near the size of Yellow Mountain precinct, which, broadly, is a southern section of Greenwood. One advantage in being able to shift a whole precinct is that no change of polling place need happen.

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One Reply to “Crozet’s Population Doubled in the Last Decade”

  1. Well this is an improvement (for voters); when they moved half of the Brownsville Elementary voters to Crozet Elementary a few years back there was a good bit of confusion at the polls.

    Any news on what our new State Senate, State House, or Congressional Districts might look like?

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