Re-Store ‘N Station’s (newest) ARB Application

Chapter 193.4 in the Re-Store ‘N Station saga …

or “Re-Store’n Station” it is known the Albemarle County.

Received a tip via email that Re-Store’n Station had submitted another ARB application. If you’re interested, search on Albemarle’s useful County View for ARB201100071.

The meeting is scheduled for 1 August 2011.

* What are they Re-Store’n”?

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23 Replies to “Re-Store ‘N Station’s (newest) ARB Application”

    1. Edward the biggest Bullshitter on this blog. Remember there are 2 gas stations & convenience stores already within a few yards distance over there. I sometimes wonder if Edward has ever been there to check it out, or is simply a blog troll.

      1. How many tract homes are close to it?  More than you can count. Since I have been there and know what I am talking about what does that make you???

        1. Sorry, but you’re the hypocrit here. You argue that the owners of the property where Restor-N-Save are being built have the right to do what they want with the property, regardless of who it hurts. Didn’t the owners of the land on which the “tract homes” were built have the same right?

          1. Hurt? Who is being hurt? Once you open an area for tract housing, trying to freeze out the business that these areas attract is funny at best.
            Do you have any idea what Old Trail will look like when built out? With all the destruction going on in Crozet, To focus on a proposed gas station that is west of and, on property properly zoned for business, well, I just don’t care what you call me… 

          2. How in the world did Old Trail attract a truck stop, which is really what the current owners want to put in? Nothing in the development of residential housing attracted this station. Good grief there are already two other gas stations right there! And the people that will be hurt are the surrounding property owners and the existing attendees of the three community schools and community members that frequent 250 on a daily basis.

          3. How did a field outside of Crozet attract tract housing? Once you
            open up an area you don’t get to pick and choose. You do know that commercial airlines are allowed to fly over schools. Do
            you think that that is dangerous?
            Look at the bright side, If enough
            people think like you the station
            will have to close for lack of business…

          4. This is the same argument. Development of gas station= good, development of houses=bad. You are arguing that the houses attracted the gas station, and it didn’t

          5. he’s not defending a gas station, he stating a simple fact – once you open up the can of wormsyou can’t put them back.

          6. he’s not defending a gas station, he stating a simple fact – once you open up the can of wormsyou can’t put them back.

          7. Actually, the reason we have building regulations, zoning, ARB, etc. is so we can pick and choose.

            Commercial airlines aren’t allowed to fly over the Scott Stadium.  That fact, like yours, has nothing to do with this conversation.

          8. No, you can’t. You can complain. Zoning sets the framework. Scott Stadium is not a school building.
            Anything else? Your obsession is again noted… 

  1. They are restorin’ Ken Boyd’s faith in his corrupt powers, especially with the resurrected -at the very last minute without public input- the obsolete but most expensive western bypass.

    1. You sure like to bad mouth people from your keyboard. Why don’t you go down to the County Office building and tell Ken Boyd how you feel about him? The 6 mile western bypass is not obsolete and is needed.
      People cried about interstate 64 being built too. But, look at it now…

        1. Standard opposition to any new road construction. Every city on the route 29 corridor through the state of
          Virginia has built a bypass except Charlottesville. The
          time has come, it is no longer a local issue.  This all sounds alot like the Interstate 64 issues trying to get that road built. Funny how people are fine with tearing up places like Crozet…

          1. If its no longer a local issue then the state should pay for it, not the local community.  And could you explain your relating the 29 bypass to the tearing up of places like Crozet?

          2. The state is paying for the bypass. Tearing up Crozet is also being done with taxpayer money. This is not just a local issue…

  2. What would a supervisor do if fulling the proper rules of meetings and public input does not get what he wants? Just wait until the end od a meeting late at night, vote for a suspension of such rules and force bad decisions down everybody’s throat. Architects: Boyd, Snow, Thomas, and the sick cognitively damaged Dorrier being used. 

    1. I will refer your posting above to the people mentioned. Interesting
      how you throw your words at Mr. Dorrier.  I do not think that he will
      have much trouble finding out who you are…

      1. What’s interesting is how you refer to him as “Mr. Dorrier;” quite funny.  I’m sure you’re chums with him and will pass along the message at the next poker game.

        As as for your lightly veiled threat, it’s quite enlightening as to your character.  No as to what would Mr. Dorrier do with that information, use his office to go after Mrs. barista to use his political influence to hurt her financially, physically; what are you getting at here Edward?  Maybe you haven’t noticed but this is the 21st century and most of us are glad that that era of politics is over.

        1. What is your point? Using a respectful term to address
          someone is funny?  Slandering people is the new respectfulness of the 21 st century? Mr Dorrier has a right to face people that call him “sick” and “damaged”.
          Can you understand the concept?  Being responsible
          for what you say.  The “era of politics is over”?????????
          Do you even understand what you write…

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