5 Replies to “Crozet Fireworks 2011”

  1. I think the food was a little limited but it was good.  Maybe we missed some.  We had BBQ from the fire department, cheese fries, funnel cakes and kettle corn.  A friend from out of town was vegetarian so she opted for the cheese fries and kettle corn – I am not sure other than the grilled corn, watermelon, or desserts there would have been any entree option for her. 

    My cousin an her friend came to visit from Baltimore and were very impressed with the “local” fireworks.   It was a great fireworks show and we didn’t have to drive into Charlottesville!  And the music was good, too.  The mad dash out of the park wasn’t bad either at the end of the night.

    1. We tried to keep all the food local and have local civic, church groups or teams do the booths so that they could spread their message and make some money for the park and their group.    Again July 2 was many local Crozet groups coming together to make this happen      It was hard to get folks to work that  night and having never done this before we had no idea how many would come.       We also tried to keep the prices on everything affordable.   

      Thanks for coming out and glad you and your cousin enjoyed it !    It really was a community effort.   

  2. Loved the fireworks, parade was great. George Allen stopped by and got a picture with my flag.

  3. It seemed like there were 4 encores! What a wonderful memory! Great night by the CACC!!

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