Crozet Parenting Yahoo Group

In a sign of Crozet’s growing self-sufficiency and independence, we have our own Crozet Parenting Yahoo Group.

Charlottesville has had a vibrant and active Yahoo Group for Parents – Parenting Network of Charlottesville (PNOC) for quite some time.

via email:

Crozet Area Parents (CAP) is an informal association created to encourage networking and the exchange of info to all parents residing in the area. Topics of discussion include (but are not limited to) play groups, childcare/babysitting, healthcare issues, special events, classes, schools, doctors, camps, sports, homeschooling and other topics of interest to Crozet/Western Albemarle families.

This group is open to parents of children of all ages in the Crozet/Western area. Other individuals, incl. school staff, who work with families in Crozet/WA are welcome to join, but please be sure to respect the rules and culture of the group.

Here’s the link.

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