Jarman’s Gap “Detention Pond” to be “BioFilter”

Thanks go to everyone involved in advocating for this – from the Old Trail residents, Ann Mallek, VDOT and lots of others I’m sure.

From the Old Trail group:

We have some great news to pass on today. We’ve just heard yesterday from the VDOT project manager for the stormwater management system at Jarman’s Gap Road and Old Trail Drive. It seems that VDOT has reconsidered their plan for a detention pond and will, instead, be putting in a “Bio-Retention Area”, which should be similar to the biofilter proposal submitted by Scott Collins. We have confirmation that this design will NOT require a fence.   

We will be reviewing the VDOT plans, monitoring the project’s progress, and working with VDOT on the landscaping. We will keep you informed.   

Many, many thanks to Scott Collins, who submitted a biofilter proposal to VDOT and who will be reviewing the details of VDOT’s revised plan. His professional engineering knowledge has really made it possible for us to get VDOT to change its plans.   

One important item of note. The basin will have to stay as currently configured (for erosion control during road construction), until the latest phases of project completion. Once the project is essentially complete, the basin will be reconfigured as the Bio-Retention facility. Since the project will not be completed until about year from now, it will be some time before we see the final product.   

Happy Labor Day weekend to all!   

Bev Thierwechter for the Committee on Jarman’s Gap Road Entrance to Old Trail and Jim Rotherham, President, Old Trail Community Association

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2 Replies to “Jarman’s Gap “Detention Pond” to be “BioFilter””

  1. Yeah, Isn’t it great. Amongst all the asphalt and concrete one less fence. And they wonder why road construction cost so much…

  2. This is an interesting precedent to set.  In the future, will any “detention pond” now be required to be a “bio-filter?”

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