Bar with Big Deck coming to Downtown Crozet

I can’t bring myself to call it a “sky bar” … but this will be pretty cool.

The skybar will have 1,600 square feet of open roof and another 1,144 square feet of glass-enclosed bar. With the right alignment, the Claudius Place rooftop could be the primo sunset-watching place in western Albemarle.

1,600 square feet of open roof sounds fun.

And it’s within walking distance of my neighborhood.

And …

In response to this question on the Facebook:

“Hey Starr Hill Brewing CompanyNow that this law is in place, will you have a rooftop bar now?”

Rooftop Bar coming to Starr Hill?

Storified by Jim Duncan · Fri, Jun 08 2012 16:21:48

We may or may not be working on it… ;)Starr Hill Brewing Company

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2 Replies to “Bar with Big Deck coming to Downtown Crozet”

  1. Mountainside Grille is a great addition to Crozet….burgers are great and it seems that they have changed their fries–MUCH better!! It is quick and very reasonable as well–we will be there often!

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