Anyone Know What’s Up at Innisfree?

via email:

Hello, I am in desperate need of finding out what is going on at Innisfree Village, no one has been able to get any communication to the Village. There are lots of mentally challenged people and co-workers who work there, just need to hear and update in that area.

Update: Just got word that all is well.

And because I didn’t see the first email:

Dear Jim my name is () and I live (out of town).  My sister () is a resident at Innisfree Village on Walnut Level Rd.  No one has heare from the village about their families since the storm Friday.  No cell phone or intranet messages can go thru.  We are very stressed out and need someone to go to Innisfree to see if anything is wrong.  Would  you please help me and the other families and go over there.  They are at 5500 Walnut Level Rd. 


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2 Replies to “Anyone Know What’s Up at Innisfree?”

  1. I live a few miles from Innisfree. I am not at home now, but want you to know that there is still no phone service in that part of the county which is why you can’t get through to Innisfree. Cell phone use is very limited as well in our area, because of the mountains. I have to drive elsewhere (which is why I am not home) to use a cell phone. Please don’t worry, the people at Innisfree are very capable and resourceful and very self sufficient. I suspect that they are coping with the outages better than the rest of us.

    1. @4f52e9b79aba2d4be48293ef559ffd66:disqus Thank you so much. When I spoke to her on the phone, she was very concerned. Since I posted this, she got word that all is well there.

      Thank you for the words of assurance and for taking the time to post.

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