More Crozet Neighborhoods Are Coming Back Online

I’ve heard via twitter that Parkside Village, Westhall, Western Ridge, Foxchase, Old Trail are all back online … who’s left?

Let’s not forget our neighbors!

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15 Replies to “More Crozet Neighborhoods Are Coming Back Online”

  1. I’m on Garth Rd (3 miles past Wyant’s Store) and we are still out. According to the nice Dominion lady I just spoke to on the phone, they are working on Garth in a few places but it may not be until sometime tomorrow/Wed until we are restored. We shall see, as there’s a LOT of damage.

  2. I picked up my two cases of bottled water today at the Crozet fire department. If anyone needs them (in Crozet), I’ll gladly bring them to you.

  3. My parents on Haden lane (jarmans gap) don’t have power. Half the street does and they aren’t the good half.

  4. King Family Vineyards is a cooling station today from 9 until dark –the Fire Dept has delivered water and we have AC on a generator–

  5. The neighborhood of Orchard Hills off of Jarmans Gap is back online this morning. I spoke with a Dominion Power official this morning and there is one one small section left and they should have it finished tonight (He didn’t elaborate where this section was).

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