15 Replies to “More Crozet Neighborhoods Are Coming Back Online”

  1. I’m on Garth Rd (3 miles past Wyant’s Store) and we are still out. According to the nice Dominion lady I just spoke to on the phone, they are working on Garth in a few places but it may not be until sometime tomorrow/Wed until we are restored. We shall see, as there’s a LOT of damage.

  2. My parents on Haden lane (jarmans gap) don’t have power. Half the street does and they aren’t the good half.

  3. King Family Vineyards is a cooling station today from 9 until dark –the Fire Dept has delivered water and we have AC on a generator–

  4. The neighborhood of Orchard Hills off of Jarmans Gap is back online this morning. I spoke with a Dominion Power official this morning and there is one one small section left and they should have it finished tonight (He didn’t elaborate where this section was).

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