Crozet Community Calendar

There’s lots happening in Crozet, from concerts to vineyard happenings to events at Tabor Church to dome-putting-up at Crozet Park to Crozet Community Association and Crozet Community Advisory Council meetings. Years ago (I can’t even find a link) on RealCrozetVA I tried to assemble a Crozet community calendar; I’m trying again.

May I present – the Crozet Community Calendar. I’m going to figure out a way to embed it over there in the sidebar, but for now, I’ll ask you to notice it, remember it, and email me (and your friends) if you have an event you want readers of RealCrozetVA to know about.

To recap:

Crozet Community Calendar is here

– email me if you’d like to publicize an event

– I’m mentioning it on Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus.

– For now, I’m not sure yet how I’m going to deal with announcements going forward, whether I’ll keep doing separate posts for events, a one-line post + addition to the Crozet calendar or just add it to the calendar …

– I think it’d be cool to post when neighborhood HOA meetings are …

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2 Replies to “Crozet Community Calendar”

    1. Absolutely. Because this is a free and new service to me, I cannot make any promises as to it’s perpetuity, but I will try.

      Please excuse any perceived brevity or curtness. Sent from my iPhone.

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